Thursday, April 23, 2009

All kinds of stuff

Live Daily and Pitchfork have a bit about the MySpace Troubadour stream.

Daily Record picks the 6 best South Park moments, Female First loves Boys Don't Cry, and FMQB has a bit about Coachella and 12:13 Dream. (Thanks Kate)

The Mirror saw Robert on his flight back from Vegas. (Thanks Aaron)

"I was flicking through radio stations and came to one talking about festivals. The announcer went on to say "Speaking of festivals, it was Coachella on the weekend where Paul McCartney even played some of John Lennon's songs. But the big story of the show was The Cure. They played passed curfew, and would not stop when requested, so Coachella officials tried pulling the plug on them. What happened next was that the fans just helped the band by singing the words to the songs. Amazing." I love it when word of the Cure makes it to 'sleepy' Perth." (Thanks Jo)


  1. But it says fling *from* Vegas...why would they go back to Vegas from Indio just to fly out? (Unless they spent his Birthday there?)

    And applying lipstick? I bet thats an enbelishment!

  2. Fling? LOL...I meant *flying*...


  3. Love that little tidbit about RS reapplying his lipstick! It's too funny! Got to look good for the public!

  4. Pitchfork also reported on the stream, but in the most insulting way. I'd like to smack that Ryan Dombal on the back of the head HARD!

  5. "...those Cure diehards who risked severe melt-age under the Coachella sun last weekend..."
    LOL!! That we did, that we did...