Friday, February 19, 2010


Trying a new way of posting them, so that they don't clutter the front page. Check the comments if you want to read them.


  1. Boys Don't Cry makes a Top Ten Breakup Songs list. (Thanks Kate)

    The Cure's trips on the QE2 make NME's list of 50 Most Reckless Rock Star Purchases. (Thanks JC)

    The Cure's split with Hansa Records makes Cracked's list of 7 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Ever Quit Their Job. (Thanks Pietro)

    "Lullaby was featured in the first episode of series 2 of "Being Human," before the werewolves went to transform. The song played through till it faded with "realized with fright." (Thanks Roman)

    There's a mention of the scene on the Being Human blog. (Thanks Marie)

    Bananafishbones is included in a Musical Tribute to J.D. Salinger. (Thanks Kate)

    There's a Cure mention in this Rugby article. (Thanks James)

  2. "In german magazine "musikexpress", lady gaga was asked about her soundtrack for a lost weekend. her answer: the cure - never enough - my cocaine soundtrack has always been the cure. i love all of their music, but it has always been this song that i played on endless repeat while sniffing cocaine. "whatever i do it´s never enough" isn´t that funny? those days i thought i was alright until one day a few friends passed by and asked "are you doing cocaine all alone all the time?" i said "hmm... yeah. all alone. means me and my mirror". (Thanks Martin)

    The Gaga/Cure connection is also mentioned at 9 News and Monsters & Critics. (Thanks Swifty and Tyler)

    "There's a nice interview with Anthony King, FOH mixer on Depeche Mode's latest "Tour Of The Universe," over at He gets interviewed to talk about his use of the Sequoia software to record the tour, but at the start of the interview, he gets asked how he got the mixing gig in the first place, and he talks a bit about how he worked on The Cure's latest tour, and how Depeche Mode were recording their latest album when The Cure were playing in town, and blablabla... Really great story to listen to, actually!" (Thanks Laurent)

    "Director Kevin Smith Tweeting about his podcast this morning - ThatKevinSmith SModcast105: Love Cats. In which our heroes discover a world so
    wonderfully, wonderfully,wonderfully,wonderfully pretty.". (Thanks Morris)

    "In an interview on The Wire 310 (december 09), Ben Frost, speaking about his latest album "By The Throat", says: "In the last triptych the titles are stolen from Disintegration by The Cure, which was a big influence on this record if only for the weird way in which that music, and particularly the title cut, just launches in - no intros, no decoration, and very little changes over the piece. It's like: here is this world, submit to it, and then Robert Smith sort of just uses the space it creates to tell a story." I haven't heard the whole album yet (waiting for it to be delivered), but the tracks I've heard are great!" (Thanks Dom.)

    "January 2010 issue of Canadian Chatelaine Magazine quotes What Not to Wear Stacy London as saying in an interview: ‘Then as I got older , I got into goth a little bit. I took my style cues from the Cure’s Robert Smith, only he had better hair than me.’ P 82." (Thanks Lisa)

  3. Hey! Anybody know what the deal is with this "box set"? Did somebody make a fancey box and fill it with CD's?

  4. Just like Heaven was played towards the end of The Inbetweeners on BBCA last night.

  5. Yes there are two episodes of The Inbetweeners that finish with Cure songs, One being JLH and the other being Inbetween Days