Friday, June 17, 2011

Roger on Radio Devon tonight

From Roger on Twitter: "About to talk to Vic on BBC radio Devon I wonder what I have to tell him!"
Note: This was taped yesterday (6/16) and broadcast tonight (6/17) at 10pm UK time.

Missed it or want to listen again? Listen on BBC iPlayer. Roger is on at 43:30 and 1:13:17.

You can also read Roger's latest newsletter, and view some photos of Roger playing at the WGT Festival in Leipzig last week.
(Thanks Erik)


  1. Please let it be that he's back for good and they're in the studio putting the finishing touches on 'Dream 2 Electric Moogaloo'

  2. i won't be home :( but i'm sure i'll catch it later :)

  3. is someone planning on recording this? ;)

  4. oh...'cause i have to be at work.

  5. @ Marc70,'Dream 2 Electric Moogaloo' too funny!

    I like that video, he really got into that song, that happens to be my favorite off WMS.

  6. He wasn't asked the question we all wanted to hear.

    is he back?

  7. Because he doesn't know the answer. Roger isn't lying when he says that he has no idea if he will play with them again.

    He was asked to play these two shows, and that's it. Next move is up to Robert. Which Cures get the phone call for Bestival?

    That might be a very different lineup to what we got in Sydney.

    Certainly keeps us all guessing, and you know RS loves that. : )

  8. I do hope Robert asks Roger to come back, it would be a shame if he didn't. Robert likes to keep us guessing!

  9. Wow!! What an extraordinary experience for Roger to hear his own music be played by a group of people!
    I dare say there will be a recording of it which I'd be interested to hear.. :)