Thursday, June 16, 2011

Groupie interview with Japanese Popstars

From Groupie: “Robert Smith recorded some bass, Jon Spencer is on a track playing guitar… it was amazing! Having such strong material, it really made us want a song that represented the vocalist as much as our song.”

Curren spoke of the attention to detail that Robert Smith applied to his contributions, the flood of material that they had to work with, as well as his optimistic hopes that Smith might play with them on stage during the impending European festival circuit.

“We asked if he would like to play with us; The Cure are headlining a festival we’re playing at. It would be such an amazing opportunity, a real once in a lifetime thing.”

Update: And there's another interview/article at Popservations - "Besides lending his voice to the track, Smith also brought along his six-string bass. That’s what gives “Take Forever” its classic Cure sound, says The Japanese Popstars’ label boss, Matt Stuart of Gung-Ho! Recordings, who adds, “He was a pleasure to deal with in the making of the record.”