Sunday, June 12, 2011

'Take Forever' out now

'Take Forever', Robert's collaboration with The Japanese Popstars, is available now on iTunes in the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark. If it's available in your country, please let me know. Thanks!

And a reminder that the Japanese Popstars album, 'Controlling Your Allegiance', is out on June 17th in Germany, June 20th in the UK & most of Europe, and June 21st in North America. Find pre-order links here.

Update: You can listen to the song here. Also posted on Slicing Up Eyeballs and CoS. If you like it, please support the group & Robert, and buy the track. Also, you can now listen to the entire album on MySpace.

And the group says that Robert will be doing his own remix of the track, but it probably won't be out until later this year - " you might like to know Robert is working on his own remix of it too :)...prob more towards end of year. We have some great remixes already tho!..prob later in year too."


  1. Thank you for letting me know.

  2. You can listen to the whole record on Spotify.

  3. I love it, it is so much better than the CC collab. in my mind. Nothing wrong with Robert's contribution on that song, but I am unfortunately biased against CC by having witnessed their singer throw up all over the O2 arena stage.

  4. This does nothing for me. Standard RS collaboration fare if you ask me. Not bad, but uninspired.

  5. don't like it at the inflection in his voice, just the wrong song, but then again, i am in a bad mood.

  6. Available in France too ...

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  8. It's always nice to hear new stuff, but I prefer the Crystal Castles one cos it's better for shakin your thang to! Although if I'd seen the same show as Heron, I might be thinking differently....
    I do like the monkey (or is it a chimp?) pic on the cover tho.

  9. good but not as good as the crystal castles song. i personally thought the cc performance at O2 was upfront, ballsy and totally punk. to perform like that in front of thousands of cure fans probably went some way to winning the band's respect. it earned my respect anyway...

  10. not related and somewhat old but interesting read when put in context of what recently happened...

  11. respect to robert but i'm not digging it. can't believe i wrote that. i've never written anything negative about anything he has done. just something off about it to me. just doesn't flow? maybe i'm just not into this synth groove that seems like it's been done a million times over (have apple's garage band and you too can be band). just not that creative. everyone is an "artist" these days. damn computers.

  12. The Crystal Castles song isn't even an original, it's a cover. And no offense, Porl's Team, but you must not have been downwind of the vomit stream if you thought her throwing up on (and off) stage multiple times was "ballsy and punk". I thought it was just gross and unprofessional.

  13. no offence taken... oh and i imagine alice glass would take the accusation that her performance was 'gross and unprofessional' as a compliment :)

  14. Possibly, but my main concern after they were done was "I hope Robert and the guys don't slip and fall in any of her puke." So yeah, not the best impression left on me.

  15. 'and i'm watching me faaaallllll...'

  16. Here's a Take Forever Remix with more guitar

  17. Rev, like Robert hasn't heaved on stage before! ;)

  18. exactly....

    a heave-inspired set-list?

    1. another journey by train
    2. i don't know what's going on
    3. 2 late
    4. open
    5. push
    6. like an animal
    7. the exploding boy
    8. hot hot hot!!!
    9. screw
    10. gone!
    11. breathe
    12. shiver and shake
    13. i'm cold
    14. it's over

    15. mr pink eyes
    16. numb

    (apologies to all concerned - actually that's a pretty good set ;))

  19. It's up on iTunes in the U.S. now.

  20. Shawn, very true, but I don't think it was intended to be an integral part of their set!! LOL

  21. Craig, the single is available in iTunes Mexico too.

    $12 Pesos = 1 USD