Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Video: The Cure in Glasgow 1984

Slicing Up Eyeballs' Vintage Video for the week is The Cure performing live in Glasgow from 1984.


  1. Grrrreat stuff.

    They're amazingly cool about the stage invasions!

    Happy The Man, live!!!

  2. Somewhat off topic..

    We can all be safe in the knowledge that there will be no duets between Robert and Amy Winehouse..

    R.I.P Amy..

  3. have i missed something, or has no-one a clue about the Bestival band?

  4. weren't we supposed to be getting this performance on dvd at one time?

  5. @beachy I have it on DVD. Just... not an official DVD. ;)

  6. its a shame that when the BBC filmed it for 'rock around the clock' even though they only transmitted 25 minutes of it. At the end is a corking version of forever except the spool of tape that recorded it runs out so you only get the first few minutes and this afaik has never been shown on tv.

  7. Is there any word about a new Cure album? They usually make one every 5 years so we should be getting something in another 2 years, right?

  8. the cure, where are youuu? feels like forever since an update, haha

  9. Hey Craig. Thanks for this. I love all this vintage Cure stuff. Er, it feels weird to say that--'vintage', doesn't it? It wasn't THAT long ago...

    Ah, well. I've liked them since I was 8, and that was the year FAITH came out. :0)

    So, listen, this is more of a Curespotting, but I am not sure where to post: my book "ORPHANS stories" is now available, and if you love to read and you love The Cure (and all good alternative style; music, imagery, themes, motifs, emotions) then you're sure to really dig this book.

    The Cure specifically appears in one of the stories, but the spirit of their music and how much they've inspired me is present throughout. I'm hoping you'll put up a post--it would mean a lot to me to have Cureheads check out my book, cos Cure fans are the best.

    * the website:

    * the facebook page:

    Thanks and happy reading and happy Cureing to all of you.

    A Few Hours After Tim

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