Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cure Live in Paris 08 on German TV

The one hour tv edit of The Cure Live in Paris 2008 will air Aug. 31st on zdf.kultur at 7 pm. It will be repeated on Sept. 1st at 1:40 am & 8 am and again on Sept. 3rd at 4:20 pm.
(Thanks Bianca)

Update: 'Jumping Someone Else's Train' and 'Grinding Halt' were included in this version of the show, and it is now up on Dime. (Thanks Lovecat)


  1. The best advert for keyboards to make a(long overdue) come back!!

  2. If you don't have a Dime account, the DVD is available here (megaupload) :

    Click 2008 03 12 Paris (Virgin 17) - 19/42 DVD

  3. maybe / probably the best Cure concert I've attended and many people who were there would agree. don't miss it, keyboards aren't the issue. something happened that night and I don't know what it was GIGANTIC.

    @ webmaster : what do you mean by 'dvd available here' : the whole concert official recording ??!

  4. @davidaftertherain : No, of course. It's only 1h30. You can preview it here :

  5. dang. porl just SHREDS IT on alt.end

  6. @davidaftertherain: i totally agree, keyboards really are not the issue. didn't see this paris show but watched them in london on the same tour and they were amazing, didn't miss keyboards at all.
    just listened to this version of plainsong again, i think it is as near to musical perfection as you can get.
    and yes, porl is defintely the best!

  7. totally agree , the paris night was the best gig ive been to

  8. Trilogy (edited version) is scheduled to be aired today at 3 times in the mexican cable channel "Suscriptor"


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  10. @perfect.murder

    I'm agree 100% with u....this version is original but i can't listen anymore The Cure without the presence of Keyboards....the sound of this instrument is so deeply linked to The Cure's Sound....No 17s...Faith...Pornography & Disintegartion without Keyboards&Guitars&bass Guitar..sorry but if for next The Cure phase...Keyboards are not there...i will be over with The Cure 4 sure!!

  11. "over" the cure because of a keyboard? i...don't quite know what to type...

  12. Cure without keyboards suck!!! I was so happy to see/hear them in Sydney (on Video) with Roger back on keyboards and no Porl on stage!
    I hope Roger will come back and Porl will stay away FOREVER!!!!

  13. Where is the blu-ray that was supposed to be released "soon"?

  14. you can also find it here:

    shouldn´t be a problem to save it with this site:



  15. That guitar on Plainsong(and many others) is plain wrong in my opinion, though i do agree that Porl does a great job on non keyboards orientated ones(alt.end etc)..Having been to Sydney and witnessed how good they did sound, i find myself firmly in the "keyboards and original guitars" camp that's for sure, but i also appreciate it was a one-off..Whatever line up and whatever instruments we get at Bestival is not really important,we're lucky they are still playing at all and have plans for the future....

  16. @andreas

    The cure needs keyboards and i would love to see Roger back for good but I would also love to see the return of Porl as this would be closer to the perfect line-up of the prayer tour/ disentegration era. I just think that Porl lost it somewhat on more recent gigs. He appeared to be improvising far too much!!!

  17. I personnaly think that the best line up is a five piece one including two and sometimes three guitars, and keyboards even if I also enjoyed the 4 Tour. concept. I've never really understood why some fans were so against Ross Robinson, Jason, the 1983 pop singles, Wild Mood Swings, the lack of keyboards, Porl... all those evolutions, Robert's will of always exploring new fields... can't you see that's the only reason why The Cure's work is so amazing and unique ?

  18. blimey some people are really hung up on this keyboards thing! as davidaftertherain said the 4 tour line up was robert's way of evolving the band again - doing something different - isn't that one of the reasons we all love them so much?
    of course we all have our own opinions/preferences, i for example would miss porl a lot if he was out of the band again, but if he is gone seeing them play live as a 3 piece would be an interesting move.

  19. the wish tour itself was not the best of the cure but for me was the best line-up ever and the keyboards sounded much better with perry than with Roger and I loved the 3 guitars in figurehead,100 years for example.

  20. Broadcast by zdf.kultur available on Dime Upped by kigonjiro.

  21. Is it the same video that appeared two years ago ? With only two more tracks ?

    Can someone upload just Jumping and Grinding on Youtube or Megaupload please ?

  22. from info file:

    There is floating around a 90 minutes DVD of this show from a Virgin 17 (french TV channel)
    broadcast. The setlist is not the same, "Jumping someone else's train" and "Grinding halt"
    are not included in that DVD.

    Also this DVD present a big quality improvement over the other, not only offers higher data bit
    but also true 16/9 format, the other is fitted in a 4/3 window.

    The Cure
    Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy
    March 12, 2008

    Broadcast by zdf.kultur
    DVB-S Recording w/Topfield
    PRO-SHOT, PAL, 16/9
    Authored with DVD Studio Pro by kigonjiro
    58:58 Minutes
    Artwork included

    Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 16/9, 25 fps
    Audio: MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 256 kpbs
    Data bit: 5,95 Mbps


    The end of the world
    Inbetween days
    Just like heaven
    Shake dog shake
    Never enough
    Wrong number
    Play for today
    A forest
    Boys don't cry
    Jumping someone else's train
    Grinding halt
    10:15 Saturday night
    Killing another

  23. Uploaded to my Curemsg account.

  24. Wow, I really can't stand Plainsong without keyboards. I don't care how well it's played. This song will never be the same again. That goes for pretty much every Cure song, actually. I love you, Robert, but what the hell? :(