Thursday, February 3, 2011

More rumors from Guadalajara

So more rumors out of Mexico. Now there's a venue and ticket pre-sale date for the rumored Guadalajara show:
Venue: Nuevo Estadio de las Chivas
(Update: Some confusion here, might actually be one of these venues, according to the editor of the newspaper - Estadio 3 de Marzo, Arena VFG, or Auditorio Telmex)
Presale: March 2011
Also, Jose called the editor of the newspaper and he claims that the show is confirmed and will happen. That's nice, and I hope he's right, but that means nothing right now.

Trying to get more info on this, and if we should trust it. Again, making it perfectly clear so no one gets pissed off at me later : ), this is only a rumor, and in no way confirmed by any official entity. Nothing is confirmed officially until you see it at the official site. Having said that, this show does make sense if Robert's hint about South America comes to be.

And here's another article running in the Mexican newspaper Mural. It says "Although it has been announced the names of stars Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, and Luis Miguel, in the calendar this year are already scheduled concerts Mötley Crüe, Shakira, Duran Duran, Ricky Martin, Ozzy Osbourne, Cindy Lauper and The Cure." (Thanks Jose)


  1. Thanks for the translation. It says that The Cure has booked a concert, no mention of a festival, so maybe they will play an independent show in Guadalajara. That would be nice.


  2. Alledgedly this is possibly a rumour..finding it hard to go to sleep tonight, curefans....zzzz

  3. This is WAY closer then Bestival. =)

    I’m in such a need for a CURE FIX.
    I hope if it is true that maybe a few random shows in LA?!!!! PLEASE RSX?!

  4. this is weirdly awesome, nothing for months and months and then all of a sudden so many great rumors !! I'm praying for some US shows!

  5. as a note, this publication failed to look up how to spell cyndi lauper. so i don't how much credibility we've got here.

    but it'd be exciting, if true :)

  6. Do You know exact date? Would be nice to visit Mexico finally :)

  7. A few random shows in LA or in the US may be nice... :)

  8. thank god i'm moving back to the west coast in a couple of weeks!

  9. @ Lindsey -
    that's hardly reason to judge the paper's credibility - given its a Spanish language journal. I've see n countless American newspapers incorrectly spell Columbia when referring to the South American nation. Doesn't mean the article is rendered completely invalid.

  10. @Steven M

    but isn't it colombia? or are you just saying that american papers spell it "columbia"? i'd say reliable publications, at least ones i've read, always spell it correctly.

    anyway, you're right, and it probably has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the facts regarding this rumored show.

    still though, most professional publications would look up how to spell a performer's name. cyndi lauper isn't cindy lauper in spanish. i feel like it's kind of an insult to spanish language publications in general to assume that because they're written in spanish they can't research accurately.

    all that said, i am really hoping this happens. i've seen on forums that the editors of the magazine have confirmed that the cure are in fact confirmed, and i'm hoping it's true.

  11. don't get me wrong though, factual information can definitely come from articles with typos. my local newspaper has so many typos you would think no one bothered to edit anything. it's still reliable, for the most part, but i certainly don't respect it as much as say, the new york times.

  12. @Lyndsay
    Do you respect Kraig less for referring to Porl as Paul?
    Do you respect PerfectMurder less for spelling allegedly ... alledgedly?
    Do you respect me less for misspelling your own name?

    brb listening to Mel & Kim

  13. to be fair, porl's name IS paul

    and we're on a blog. in the comments. i mean, i don't even capitalize anything.

    i'm talking about a published magazine.

    not trying to go a rampage - it's really not a big deal, just a thought. but yes, i do respect publications less when they make spelling errors.

  14. (also after the amount of times in my life i've had teachers spell my name "lyndsay," it does get pretty annoying - chances are cyndi's had the same problem, haha)

  15. I didn´t even know that Porls official name is Paul. I agree with Lindsey, as I am respecting publications less when they make spelling errors.
    But no one should be that picky in a comment box in a webblog...