Monday, February 7, 2011

Curespotting page

Curespotting is back, and now has its own page. Also added a page for tour dates & ticket info, in hopeful anticipation. : )


  1. Good idea Craig !

    Are you collecting brand new CUREspottings from everywhere or you´re going to re-post some old ones?

    As usual, i´ll keep an eye of this new CoF's section.

    BTW and waiting for more info about the Guadalajara rumors.

    Thanks Craig.

    Good to see you.


  2. I see Craig, you have seen King of Kong, Great film, although Billy Mitchell is worse than what we see in the movie, I also think there will be a movie done on this story.

    I do not see a comment section on the Curespotting section.

  3. You just brought a tear to my eye... Reading them is so fun :-D

  4. Nice, i had forgoten i had sent those ....Thanks!

  5. Ah! Glad to see this back! Thanks Craig!!!

    And i just wanted to say that, had it been an option, i would have vote for 'Mixed Up' in your latest poll.

  6. Aw, glad you guys are happy to have it back. : )

    Mad Bob - All the ones I posted on the page are "new", though some date back to last summer/spring. I had been saving them until I figured out what I wanted to do with them.

    Carnage - Yes! Love KoK! Billy is such a classic "love to hate him" villain. No comment function on the pages, but feel free to use the comments on any post if there's something you want to post.