Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rumor: Cure at the Big Festival in France?

"The Cure is rumored to play at the "Big Festival" in Biarritz (France), in July." (Thanks Jerome)

I think it's probably safe to write this one off, as Robert has stated pretty clearly that "unless something remarkable happens, we will not be playing any other European shows!" Has something remarkable happened? We can all wish and hope, but again, as of today, if you want to see The Cure live in 2011, get to Bestival. If there's a change in that, you know I'll let you know just as soon as possible.


  1. Isn't there always loads of these rumours around this time every year ? 99% of them never materialise.

    I do believe there will be no other "fesival" appearences as Bob said.

    I don't however believe that there will be no other performances this year.

  2. Unless things fall completely apart, I do think we'll see a few more shows this year. But where they'll be is anyone's guess at this point.

  3. I hitching my bets that early 2012 will be when the real touring starts. I'm thinking that these shows are a warm up for something bigger. And I think the new album will drop in Spring 2012.

    And while the crystal ball is out I believe The Cure will not perform any show as a trio. They will probably have a keys player too, as Robert mentioned the dark album will feature them quite heavily.

  4. I like the way Andrew thinks. : )

  5. I hate to be pessimistic but I just cannot see any new album coming out any time soon. I just don't think The Cure have done anything with the 2nd half of 4:13 dream since the last sessions ended in 2009.

    Secondly, who's going to release it ? If it does materialise however, I would be delighted if it was a Smith Music Co release like Trilogy. Or if they signed to a sympathetic label like Mute or Sanctuary.

    i think 2011/2012 will be about back catalogue releases and sporadic gigs.