Friday, May 15, 2009

4 For The Cure press release

You can read the Sirius XM press release here. Note that the RS interview will air only once, on May 24th at 11am eastern. Also, it says that Robert will guest dj throughout the weekend, introducing Cure songs and offering insights into them.
(Thanks Kate)


  1. Way to make sure I don't go anywhere on Memorial Day weekend, LOL! Didn't Robert say he wasn't doing interviews this year? :D I'm glad he changes his mind a lot!

  2. Yeah New Wave dude...dumb. Some stuffed shirt don't know what the hell they're talking about. The Cure are a "Rock BAnd". Rev, you should have done the interview. Let's see how many lame questions they can ask. Hopefully Robert will do his best lying if possible.

  3. So dumb isn't it....

    Yeah apparently they are a "hard rock" band now, with uncle fester shredding metal guitar riffs like he's still in led zeppelin....

    It's a good new wave station with a fabulous dj doing the interview...

    They don't play newer cure "rock" tracks, perhaps there's a reason for that.
    I never saw the cure pre-04 as a rock band IMHO.

  4. When are they coming back out onto the EAST COAST.....Hollywood Bowl.....grrr.....I miss them....and its almost been a year since last June....

  5. whitesnake are rock
    thunder are rock
    eurpoe are rock
    etc infinity
    rock sucks the cure areny a rock band .
    pooh !

  6. Not sure quite where to put this put it looks as if the Barrowlands DVD has finally got a release date - over at

  7. that was release a few months back dodge - under a diff titkle - cure in glasgow - not rockaround etc .. its on amazon :)

  8. Attn: Sirius Radio.
    I'm still not going to subscribe to your shitty service. But hey, you still get an E for effort.

  9. Oh ok, i never saw it mentioned on here, and ive been reading this forum since 97 :)

  10. dodge, i actually mentioned it a couple month ago cause i bought it

  11. I'm glad they have a free 3 day trial period because I hate to miss this interview but I do not want to sign up with crappy Sirius once again. I just got rid of their service a few months ago!

  12. "I'm glad he changes his mind a lot!"

    Me too Rev! lol. :)

    I listen to XMU occasionally. They actually play some decent music every now and then.

    Hopefully this dj will ask something that hasn't already been asked a million times... looking forward to hearing what Robert has to say tho...

  13. CK- I'm pretty sure Andy said he's going to record it...

  14. Thanks Helsa for the info. I totally forgot that I'll be traveling to a friends house down the Jersey Shore for a BBQ on Sunday & most likely I'll miss it.

    So special Thanks to Andy in advance for taping it!!! You're the best!