Sunday, May 10, 2009

All kinds of stuff

Some original Cure "goods". (Thanks Kazuko)

Random top ten: Singers pretending to be bands, and a game, promoting the band Toxic Sonic, but mentions Robert.
(Thanks Kate)

"Bloc Party played for a French TV show called 'One Shot Note' broadcast on France 5. The lead-singer wore a 'Boys Don't Cry' t-shirt. Not a surprise as they are huge Cure fans."
(Thanks David)


  1. I love Bloc Party. They do sound like what would happen if you took early Cure from 79 and dropped them into 2009.

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  3. I never felt lamer than when I mentally named every Cure member past and present in answer to the author's dare. I'm such a nerd!

    Andrew, I agree w/ you about Bloc Party. Great band.

  4. J. I did the exact same thing!

  5. God bless Bloc Party!Great band.

  6. here's another t-shirt for Bloc Party's up coming Austraian tour in July -