Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Cure tattoos

Posted some new tattoos for Chris, Alex, and thedrowningman.


  1. Cool beans! Yay for more Cure ink!

    Alex - I think that's one of the only Bloodflowers logo tattoos that I've ever seen!

    Great detail on the bird-fish and the BDC one too!

  2. Great tats esp the BF logo! It's way cool, something I'd like to do. They all inspire me to take the plunge some day. Well I would if I could get past the needle thing.............

  3. cure_kitty, it only feels like an annoying scratching, honestly. YOU CAN DO ET!

    my boy has the birdfish on his arm, too. so sexy...

  4. wish, bloodflowers, and three imaginary boys, NICE!

  5. Hi there! Please, can anybody help me ?? I want to post my tattoo pics, What do i do?


  6. Carlos: Just e-mail me. Click my name and you'll see my address.

  7. Great tats! I can't wait to get my Cure tat :o)

    BTW...I was reading comments on COF of those tats and why are assholes leaving rude comments? Not a fan of Cure tats? Then get the fuck out!

  8. sofia--Thanks for the vote of confidence. Some people have told me it's really painful and others have said it's like a pin prick. I guess it depends upon your tolerance for pain & mine is low. And it's this extreme fear of needles that makes me put it off.

    I'll do it one day, my sister's boyfriend who has a ton of tattoos wants us to get one. He's got a friend who a great tattoo artiest so once I find something cureish that I really like, I'll do it.