Friday, November 7, 2008

Even more 4:13 reviews

UK - The Independent (1/5).
France - Liberation (very negative), Waxx Music (mixed).
US - Tampa Tribune (mixed), Medium Fidelity (positive), NewsOK (negative).
Italy - Music Map (positive).
(Thanks Kate, T2, fmjews)


  1. from the NewsOK review:

    "Like so many of its contemporaries, The Cure finds itself in competition with its own past. Matching the near-perfection of Robert Smith’s 1985-89 hot streak becomes increasingly unlikely as he approaches 50 and applies the kabuki makeup a little thicker. The Cure’s 14th studio disc, "4:13 Dream,” could inspire high expectations since it brings bassist Simon Gallup and "Disintegration”-era guitarist Porl Thompson back to the fold, but a lack of fresh invention makes this "Dream” fleeting."

    how many mistakes can YOU find in just this first paragraph???

  2. Woah, Simon's back in the band? How did I miss this news? ;)

  3. I know! I guess that was Phil all of these years. : )

    Welcome back Si!

  4. the independant author seems like he is all happy and joyfull that he can't bear the slightest bit of sadness around him. so naive

  5. I didn't even read all of that Independent review; I'm refusing to read past the bit which says there aren't different stages to The Cure's music. Seriously, someone should sit that guy down, play him Pornography followed by Wild Mood Swings. Equally 'angst-ridden'? I think not.

  6. You guys like the Independant review check out the entire article of insults and idiotic remarks posted further up.

  7. Poor kids of Andy Gill ( I hope he doesn`t have any)! Omg 50 cent !!!

    Glad to hear Simon is back in the Band !

  8. Let's be hones,I totally agree with the UK Independent. Maybe next year we will have a more-than-decent new Cure album, I doubt it.

    The Cure - The Cure wasn't good, but this is almost unnacceptable. Anyway.... whate happened with Bloodflowers!! We want something as good as that!

    Come'on Robert, you can do it, we know so!

  9. BTW, I forgot to say that Underneath the Stars is a really nice song, my favorite in the new album by faaaaarrrr.

  10. Oh dear, how embarassing. I insist that Andy Gill never shares his writing or taste in music with his kids. Perfect landfill. Next. Maybe by someone who doesn't just remember, 'that one with the spider'.