Monday, November 24, 2008

4:13 charts update

Sales news
Poland - certified Gold (sales of 10,000).
US - total sales as of last week: 39,436.

4th week positions
US (Billboard Top 200) - drops to #178.
Mexico - drops to #61.
Switzerland - drops to #82.
Spain - drops to #64.
France - drops to #51.
Croatia - drops off the chart.
Italy - drops to #46.
Poland - drops to #25.
Netherlands - drops to #84.
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #39.
Belgium / Flanders - drops to #41.

3rd week positions
Germany - drops to #55.
Croatia - drops to #34.

2nd week positions
Greece - up to #8.

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  1. Its still doing well ish! Now I see why Poland had two shows during the 4 tour!

  2. Wow... what a low number for the US

  3. Less than 40,000 in the US. There had to have been more people that spent the $50 to see them in concert this summer than spent the $9.99 on the new album.

    That's pretty goofy.

  4. DA I agree with you!

    I just don't understand these record sales #'s. Even with the crappy promotion form TMU, I thought the new CD would have sold more in the states since the tour did quite well. It's a sad day when The Cure are struggling to sell their records. :(

    I just hope the upcoming TV performances in December help pick up some interest for anyone who sees the shows. Are there people out there waiting to get the album as X-mas presents instead of getting it now????

  5. The way the new album was released might have something to do with low sales in the US. Although the album is awesome it was dolled out in bits and pieces ahead of time. The new songs were not presented as a package - a new song would appear here and there at a concert. Four singles were released in an excruciatingly slow fashion over the entire summer. There was the hype of it being a double, then that fizzled. There was the hype of a release date, then that fizzled about six times. There was a postponed tour supporting a postponed album. How can you tour to plug an album that will be released six months after the tour ends? By the time the "new" album finally arrived the fanbase was already familiar with half of it. The tour and the singles were old news that wern't helping the album out any.
    I love the Cure intensely but I have to admit this last time around they were reaaaalllly annoying

  6. Except for the last phrase, I completely agree with Paul K.

  7. So true Paul!!! I love the album too and it really deserves so much more acknowledgment than it has gotten but it's fadding into oblivian since nothing was planned out too good.

    I hate to say it but it has been a cluckerfuck from the beginning!

  8. By the time the record came out, it was like, "Oh yeah, by the way, here's the recod!"
    So odd.
    I am bummed since it's my favorite one since Wish...

  9. well, the album will stand alone on it's own merits over time. And I also think it's the best since Wish.

  10. 9.99$ in the US for the album ??

    We pay 21 euros here in Belgium. Considering where the dollar is vs the euro we should be paying 7,5 euro for the album in comparison.

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  12. Paul: I agree with your comments. The sequence of events has lead to a great album underselling. I think you hit the nail on the head with "old news". I think this explains the disparity between the tour's success and the album's relative failure;I know around a dozen others who went to the London 4tour gig, but as far as I know I'm the only one (excuse the pun) who has bothered to buy the album yet. Some of them didn't even realise that it was out! Like DA said , these were all people who were happy to pay £40 for a ticket (and travel from other parts of the country and pay out for a hotel) but haven't bothered with the album yet. And these are people who would consider themselves "proper" Cure fans too, not just greatest hits fans.

  13. Well it was $9.99 here when it first came out. Its gone up a bit since then. But my point was this: I’m sure wherever you live in the world, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to buy a new album than to go see them in concert. And judging by the numbers (at least in the US) over four times as many people went to see them in concert this summer than who bought the new album.

    That is absolutely fascinating to me. And I wonder what people attribute that too. Is it that most people don’t care about the Cure’s new stuff and prefer to see them in concert to hear the old stuff? Or is it because of the monumentally bad management of The Cure’s affairs in recent months?

  14. yeah that is interesting. Concert ticket prices have gone way up, it's an expensive night out. Yet four times as many people did that as laid out fifteen bucks for the new CD. I think that it's just general confusion about when the album has come out. Maybe the album did not leave the gate with with a bang but may build steadily over time.
    I'm just speculating, lol

  15. Sheesh, its dropped down like a sack of spuds. A universal flop!!!


    Its happened before though. 40 years ago The Kinks released their beautiful masterpiece album Village Green Preservation Society, and it also bombed world-wide.

    On second thoughts, lets not go here.
    This world is a silly place...

  16. Pet Sounds was a flop too, at least in the US. So...who cares?

  17. We want the Cure to do well so they will keep making albums

  18. Yeah. But it will be a long four years until 2012 arrives and the new album comes out.

  19. hei Craig
    in total till now 4:13 dreams it has sold 125000.

  20. what a weak sale results... Congratulations Universal!

  21. if the album worldwide has sold 125,000 isn't that comprable to past albums three weeks out of the gate? just because it sold weak in this or that market doesn't mean it's not doing well over-all in a general way

  22. Bob: Those are not official sales numbers, just estimates from the guy running that site. Either way, that number is pretty dismal.
    The US number should pick up after the promo shots on the talk shows.

  23. Will they Craig?...... will they?


  24. There´s still hope!

    4:13 Dream sold 18.000 copies worldwide in THREE days!

    If it carries on like this for the next, say, five months, it might even sell more than a million copies......

    Total sales update: 143.000

  25. in Mexico are 61,not out of the charts.

  26. Sales update, according to :

    So far, 4:13 Dream has sold 159.000copies worldwide.

    That means 16.000 copies in the last six days....