Monday, December 10, 2012

3 to 5 Cure shows in Brazil?

"Now a brazilian music journalist for UOL says that The Cure have 3 to 5 dates booked in Brazil. The official announcement is expected to happen in the following days." (Thanks Leo)

Read the story here (English). And at this point it should go without saying, but none of these rumored shows have been confirmed by the band. If it's really happening, it will be posted on the official site or Facebook or Twitter. Until then, fingers & toes crossed for our South American friends.


  1. As I wrote previously, the only fact that an account has been opened on twitter is a serious clue of an imminent announcement.

  2. Good to read, but this guy from Uol says the same every year since forever about every band.

    About the twitter thing, will there be any 'clue-maps' (the distorted one with the cities) for the summer tour? Could be sweet.

  3. For some reason, my previous comment wasn't posted. Oh well.

    I guess someone have heard the news about the succesful (financially and audience wise) Morrissey tour in South America, huh?

    Yes, there are rumours like that every year and every time spread by the same people. Where there's smoke, there's fire. And firemen.

  4. We are already saving up for a potential SA trip! How cool would it be to see them in Rio or Peru?

  5. It would be super cool if all people from COF could come to Rio, despite the news... I would feel so 'international' to see the real faces behind the nicks :)
    And finally go to a Cure meeting, which I missed in London!!!
    I´m saving to go to Argentina and maybe Chile, so the world can´t end now.

  6. The first days in Jan... If not earlier...