Friday, August 19, 2011

Robert on Thin Lizzy

The Cure - Don't Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy cover) by CoF / Video

From Hot Press: When chatting to The Cure’s Robert Smith about his involvement in the John Martyn tribute album HP were delighted to discover the goth legend is a huge Thin Lizzy fan.

In advance of what would be his 62nd birthday on Saturday it is a timely reminder of the breadth of Phil Lynott’s appeal and his enduring legacy.

“I’ve got every single one of their albums on vinyl,” Smith proclaims. “I saw Thin Lizzy in the Brighton Dome in 1976 and it that was one of my all-time favourite concerts. It was just genius…. Phil Lynott with his mirror bass picking girls out. I loved Thin Lizzy.”

“There are two ways of looking at them, one is the classic line-up and the two guitars and the rock side of it and the other is the softer ballad side. People tend to overlook the best part of Thin Lizzy which is songs like ‘Still In Love With You’, that section of their catalogue is genius. The softer gentler songs and the early traditional stuff is brilliant.” (Thanks Keith)


  1. i'm also a thin lizzy fan and it was really cool to hear this!

  2. no kidding where did this come from? Thin Lizzy rocks!

  3. the cover was performed on a show called Re:Covered. They also played A Forest.

    RSX mentioned that "they rhymed frock with rock" which he thought was cool.

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  5. since when does RS say "genius" anyway?? he's been watching too much Might Boosh perhaps?...genius!