Friday, May 1, 2009

Robert update

Robert has posted an update at the official site. Don't get excited, it's still related to "Free Music", and a response to this. Oh well, maybe next time...or the time after that. (Thanks Debi)


  1. Ha Ha. Good job Bob. Remember a lot of folks like Mark just want to mess with your head and write things to get their eagerly awaited response from you and others. Mental control and all that shit. Looks like this issue isn't going away soon.

  2. Oh my, this subject is soooo frustrating and this Beaumont is a troll.

  3. Robert is so mad that he spelled out his name, instead of using "RSX" as per usual. The "blah blah blah blah" graphic was a nice touch.

  4. I told you his balls were on Fire !! :) See

    He's under Bull Stars Influence
    Don't Mess with the Raw Bert

    On the other hand I would heavily suggest women to try to get on one of those !! Yeah :)

    (Waah, imagine, punching so hard you need to go to the Hospital :)
    Did anyone see RamboIV ?? where he uppercut one so badly the head goes off ??)


  5. Spot on! I mean i dont know RS personally obviously but he so strikes me as the last person on earth to even mention a downturn in his finance...this is such nonsense..his is a prefect answer, concise and to the point, even if I really would prefer him not having answer to this shit...but if he feels he has to then good for him...

  6. Ha Ha Robert's the best, he's not afraid of some web punk!!

    Go tear him a new one Bob!

  7. Robert is Sex and Spirit together !!
    An Artisan and a Poet !!

  8. I just wanna hear what the hell happened to his hand in was a great set and I had a great time but wtf?

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  10. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah .................

    Great reply by Robert but this Free Music thing has gotten out of hand, not by Robert but by the people who are against what he said. Give it up already!

    However, I kind of wish he would let us know about is hand and if it getting better. Well I assume it's better now since he's typing away at his computer.

    And I'd love to know what he thought about the 30 Anniversary Book? Robert we all want to know what you though about it! Hope you love it!!! <3

  11. I want to hear about that Disintegration remaster!
    ...oh and that dark album too.

    Wouldn't it be great if they were released together?

  12. Blah Blah Blah. That was awesome.

    However, I would rather Robert stop arguing about downloading music and start releasing some instead.

    I hope he isn't holding back until it is impossible to download music illegally, cus, we will have a loooong wait.

  13. lol@thatthought

    Might as well train a special COF team to infiltrate Robert's vault and steal his precious recordings...

  14. hynreckandjoe said...
    "I want to hear about that Disintegration remaster!
    ...oh and that dark album too.

    Wouldn't it be great if they were released together?"

    My thoughts exactly. A Double of The Dark Album and The Disintegration 20 Year Anniversary would be more than perfect.

    20 Years... GOD I FEEL OLD.

  15. I feel old too.
    But I still feel good so I guess that's alright?

  16. there is a program at least for macs called audio hijack...its like a tape recorder for programs, for example if someone has a good quality video on youtube and you want it as mp3 use audio ijack same with when they preview new songs on myspace etc.....

  17. regarding roberts hand as a guitar player myself it looks as it could be something like tendinitis,,,which hurts like hell on the fret hand,,,but i am sure he has access to quality drugs,

  18. oh one last thing: recently someone said the pearl or coachella show was :legendary"...granted it was a great show, but i would hardly call t legendary. Do you feel that the cure's setlists have become predictable, much like Depeche mode's the same basic set, with one or 2 song changes on the following nights...versus , even during the WMS era,,,where i was blown away by the diversity,

    songs like alt.end need to go (there is a much better version called in your house) and "end of the world" and "maybe someday" also needs to be retired...let porl rock out with labrinth,,,one of the best from 2004....and bloodflowers or anything other than maybe someday.

    personally i would like more obscure kiss me and top setlsts....

    also who is with me for a B-Sides tour....i would give kidney for that. Or they should do like Bowie did, on A&E channel i believe where it was live b request..where callers requested the songs that the artist would play.

  19. Totally agree..i was not there, and it looked like a great show but legendary might be pushing it a for the b-sides tour yes bring it on but i am not holding my breath...

  20. what songs should they "retire" for

    1."Fascinaton Street"
    2."Boy's don't cry" ( fuck it if its a classic i m tired of it especially since e plays it lazily now)
    3. "100 years" great song great visuals...just seen and heardit to much,,play siamese twins or hanging garden , or short term effect instead.
    4.maybe someday--this song just
    "cut here"
    "why can't i be you" tired of Japanese dream as they used to, or snakepit, hy you, or anyhing else from kiss me,,its got such a great diversity of songs,,,,

    same goes for "the top" besides shake dog shake,,,play some birdmadgirl or bananafishbones...

    alt.end, us or them, end of the world should all have teir master tapes destroyed...although EOTW improved a little with porl on it...but play labyrinth, going nowhere,truth goodness beauty,...

    i think a great idea would be a "fan concert" done as a charity auction where capacity is 500 people...and the chairty to amnesty or whatever flavour of the week charity case,,,and i think 250 bid on the spots and choose the setlists,,,and the other 250 are fans just drawn by lottery as not everyone has so much money to spend for something like this.

  21. I am bored with his defensiveness about this whole business, come on, its May 2009 - the yr has only 8 months left and we are supposedly seeing a 30th Anniversary DVD, the re-releases meant for last yr? and a dark album? if thats the case, get your boots moving and onwards (smirk)

  22. add #4) From the edge of the deep green sea *yawn* to the list of songs to retire..
    too many times, so stale..

  23. Agree with you Alastair. I'm having a hard time believing we'll see all of this this year.
    I mean, it's The Cure we're talking about.
    I remember buying the Trilogy DVD and getting excited about the remaster coming in 2004, thinking it's about time!
    2004 for whoever's sake!!
    What year are we now, again?
    Maybe we'll get the Wild Mood Swings remaster in 2012.

  24. Well now that everyday seems to be another announcement about the desperation of the world economy, I wouldnt be surprised if whichever label is behind the remasters has pulled out and we will be find they are canned? oh thats so doom and gloom of me....shut up and stop thinking such negative thoughts.

    anyways, H & J we are both in agreement, I mean who cares if some idiot disagrees with Robert about his stance....move on, its just one conflicting opinion. I understand where Robert is coming from, but then I understand where Radiohead have come from (even if I think Thom Yorke is a miserable little git)

    Some real about a comment about the book he was just given by the fans?

    eh? eh? onwards? please give us a bone....some kind of bone....

  25. @Roberts Bunghole.

    Add Wrong Number and Never Enough to the "to be removed list".

  26. wrong number and never enough are definatel radu for the senior home..just did not cross my mid at the time,,,,they have so many great songs to chose from and its basicaly a greatest hits concert now,,i do understand having t have a balance for the casual listeners and the hardcore fans,,
    thats why i would never say retire JLH or InBetween Days,,,,although maybe they could play a different mix.

    i am happy to wish impossible things, the big hand the baby screams and kyoto song, are making a come back..just trow in screw and six different ways a few times,,and end a main set with sinking,,

    and like i said earlier anything from the top or kiss me is always welcome..i mean when was the last time,,1000 hours or one more time, waiing wall, empty world..was playe?

    and as much s i like the song push it needs brek til thy can figure out how to do it right again, i thought maybe it never sounded quite right cause of perry but listening to porl's or robert's itro thse days,the song is flat.

    go for a japanese dream or doubt instead!

  27. the cure used to define what was outside the mainstream,,,,now unfortunately they follow it.

  28. Yes onward, there's a lot on the table.

    I know I sound a bit like a bully, but c'mon Robert, if you need help, I'll offer my service. As long as you generously pay for the plane ticket...

    Hey! I know it's not gonna happen, you! Leave my dreams alone!

    *runs around the room crying*

    I don't have emotional problems!!

  29. Mark, you big buffoon... You are no real journalist. Real journalists deal with facts.
    Real journalists also usually work for real journals.

  30. Mark to his credit does apologise later in the comments section for causing offence.

    But regardless, do we care about this free music thing anymore....esp when there are so many Cure treats left unreleased......

  31. HAJ, I've observed with keen interest a couple of you posts from recent days, in particular the mention of Michaal Jacksons 'swinging baby over the balcony' antics, and then your recent post (above) where you are talking about running around the room crying. I feel compelled to lend you some friendly advice.
    You may not necessarily have emotional problems, Hynreck, but I get the feeling that impending fatherhood is perhaps making you just a little emotionally erratic.
    And HEY, that's just fine - As a soon-to-be dad, you're bound to be encountering a whole riot of conflicting emotions that include pride, excitement, and of course anxiety.It's perfectly normal that you experience some ambivalent feelings about becoming a papa for the first time. Knowing that your life is going to change ultra dramatically, in less than 9 months time is scary stuff. In the meantime, it is important for you to talk to us, your sympathetic friends, in order to air and explore your true feelings. We are all here for you (ok, a few exceptions...MWB etc). Talk to us buddy - we are here for you!
    Bet you can't wait for the day that your child says, 'Dada' for the first time. ENJOY!!!

  32. lol Swifty, I can't believe you wrote all this for me. That's gotta be a record. ;_;
    That's sweet too, I'm touched.
    But really I don't think I've gone mad yet...

    Or perhaps... I've always been!!

    Ever got that feeling that you are not human?

    Makes me think of Daniel-Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. Sometimes I see a little bit of myself in that character, I guess I should be scared.

    But I don't think the baby's involved in all this yet. But sure, something's bound to happen.
    Tune in in a few months to find out!

  33. Ah H&J you are going to be a parent? how cool, I have a 2 yr old daughter and I have to say it is so wonderful, she is adorable and she likes the Cure! I bought her a t shirt from the last tour here to NZ!

    Being a parent can be hard, but the pay off is yrs of wonder and excitement!

    Best of luck!

  34. That sounds awesome, serious.

    I hope my kid likes The Cure too!
    He/she better, or I'll get a refund!