Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cure LatAm 2013 Tour

And it's now official!

April 4th - Río de Janeiro, Brasil (HSBC Arena)
Tickets on sale Feb. 19th at 10am

April 6th - Sao Paulo, Brasil (Morumbi)
Tickets on sale Feb. 18th at 12:01am

April 9th - Asunción, Paraguay (Jockey Club)
Tickets on sale Feb. 18th at 10am

April 12th - Buenos Aires, Argentina (River Plate Stadium)
Tickets on sale Feb. 4th at 12:01am

April 14th - Santiago, Chile (National Stadium)
Tickets on sale Jan. 30th at 11am.

April 17th - Lima, Perú (National Stadium)
Tickets on sale Feb. 1st at 11am

April 19th - Bogotá, Colombia (Simon Bolivar Park)
Tickets on sale Feb. 1st at 10am

April 21st  - Mexico City, Mexico (Foro Sol)
Tickets on sale Feb. 11th at 11am. Banamex presale on Feb. 11th & 12th. General sale on Feb. 13th.

Jay asks if there are English links for the ticket websites? If so can someone please let us know? If not, maybe once the actual pages are up, someone can help with how to buy them? Thanks! For Mexico, you can switch to English in the upper right corner.

Media reports at Slicing Up Eyeballs, Consequence of Sound.


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  2. YESSSS YESSS YESSS! Sadly not uruguay, but YESSS YESSS YESSS going to bs. as!!!!

  3. Happy for South American fans! Have a great time!

  4. I am so excited and proud that they will be playing in Bogota, COL for the first time ever!!

  5. Fantastic news - and starting the LatAm tour in Rio! I still remember the Rio gig in January 1996... It's been far too long.

  6. i'm trying for either the chile or mexico city shows (but obviously i'd love to be at that mx city show best)! yaaaaay! good luck everyone! the ticket frenzy should be wild.

  7. Top right corner for English on Ticketbastard Mexico website. Odd it's only one show in Mexico, but being the last gives me hope for a couple more, hehe.

  8. great news. enjoy the shows all of you!

  9. Even an aviophobian European living near Brussels like me will never be able to even slightly imagine what it's like to not be able to attend a single Cure concert in 17 years - on the contrary. So... Enjoy!!!

  10. Found capacities on the internet (searching previous sold out shows) :

    Rio : 18,000
    Sao Paulo : 65,552
    Asuncion : 34,700
    Buenos Aires : 65,923
    Santiago : 47,625
    Lima : 38,712
    Bogota : 40,000
    Mexico : 54,344

    Total : 364,856

    To remember, SummerCure gigs gathered about 916,000 attendees for a total capacity of 992,000.

  11. Such a shame that I'll be in Peru for most of February. Wish I would have planned my trip for April!

  12. Comes to CURE Paraguay.! Hehehe...

  13. Thanks David for the capacities infos.

    1. My pleasure. 13,,000 tickets sold in 24 hours for Santiago !
      Do u have a facebook account ?

  14. Let's hope it's all different this time around..(starts at 5"48..)

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