Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cure 2013 promo photo

Looks like this is an official Cure 2013 promo photo. So an official welcome to The Cure, Reeves! The photo comes from this website, which also seems to have a press release about the South American tour. Here are the dates they have listed:
Abril 4 – Río de Janeiro, Brasil.
Abril 6 – San Pablo, Brasil.
Abril 9 – Asunción, Paraguay.
Abril 12 – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Abril 14 – Santiago, Chile.
Abril 17 - Lima, Perú.
Abril 19 – Bogotá, Colombia. (Thanks Z)


  1. He's wearing eyeliner. Oh yes, he's in.

  2. I saw them last year at Reading but this is completely different! I'm crying like a child!! welcome to SA!

  3. WELCOME REEVES!! I sure hope these dates are the real deal!!! WOULD BE PERFECT!! ;0)

  4. For those who don't speak Spanish, the April 6 concert is in Sao Paulo. I often go there but unfortunately wont be able to make it around that time, que pena