Monday, May 12, 2008

Only One out in the UK / French download now

"Just to let you know that HMV here in the UK have “The Only One” on the shelves today. I think both songs sound great."
(Thanks Andrew)

"we will apparently be able to digitally download the new single on this site from midnight French time (CET), 1 hour prior to the uk site you mentionned!"
(Thanks Bill)


  1. Yes they do(sound great)..i now understand what people felt after having sneak previews last week...It's kind of back to The Cure i like more..there's some Wishin there somewhere, and NY Trip is definatly a grower!!

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  3. Anybody knows when the only one will be out in Italy? In a store they said on friday and not tomorrow! argh! :(

  4. pitchfork also has the new song streaming:

  5. @eric: Weird, when I go to that link, i get an error from imeem saying the song I'm looking for is not available. :( Anyone else get that error?

  6. Hmm, I just tried it and it works for me too...

    Maybe someone will up it somewhere soon.

  7. Strange - I suspect it has something to do with things being blocked on my work network. I'll try it again when I get home. :) Thanks!

  8. Or we could just buy it. Please do not post any "illegal" links to the song. Support the single, support the band!

  9. sitting here listening to my 7" purchased at hmv today, was surprised to see it. they didn't seem to have the cd though. Agree it feels like a bit of a step back in time, all good though.

  10. listening to the stream on PF right now. great production. song makes me smile. can't wait to hear ny trip in its entirety.

    best cure single in many years...

  11. will there be a video for "the only one"?

  12. New Song #1 & #2? Will Boston get a "World Premiere" tonight? :)

  13. I can't decide if I love or hate this song. It's too familiar. I really liked the rawer sound of TC and the mellow-rock sound of BF; this is just too old-school Cure and while of course I love old-school Cure I was hoping for an updated sound ala BF and TC, if that makes sense. This does NOTHING new for the band.

  14. on the other hand it's catchy so i'm really torn between loving and loathing it. ;-)

  15. Clockwise Cat - I am with you. There is part of me that really likes it, and then there is a part of me that wants more. But, it really is growing on me.

  16. I think it's a fine song but not a very good first single. The cure used to release really great singles that went straight to the top of the modern rock charts and i'm afraid this one is not the case.

  17. The only one on itunes here in Italy

  18. EOTW was worlds better than this lame Wish-retread. In fact, it's embarrassing, this song. The lyrics make me kind of horny for Bob, though.

  19. clockwise, i used to sort of dig you. now, in the same night, you've said that 'end of the world' is 1) a good song and 2) better than 'the only one,' as well as saying that 'wild mood swings' is better than 'disintegration.' my pseudo love affair with you has ended.

    also, the only one isn't a great cure song, but it IS a great song.

  20. Whoever is in charge of the single release seems to be doing their hardest to make sure its nearly impossible to get a copy. Not available from Amazon for 4-7 days (even though I pre-ordered) not available from HMV for 7 days. Not listed for download in Itunes, Napster or anu other legal UK download site expect 7 Digital. Even then it's not listed if you search for it on 7 Digital, only via the link on this site. What a shambles, way to go Universal/Polydor/Geffen or whoever is releasing it this time around.

  21. Jamie - I downloaded the single this morning.

    A and B side on there for £1.49

  22. I couldn't fint the Cd single @ HMV in Dublin and @ Tower records they have only the 7'' and when I asked for the CD version they said "are you sure they released it? Nobody will release singles anymore".


    PS I ordered it @ HMV hopefully I should grab my copy in a few days

  23. i downloaded off u.s. itunes this morning and will go to amoeba later on this week to get the physical single.

    man, ny trip is great! now THAT is a cure song. total wish-era bside. great stuff.

  24. Got the CD today from HMV. I like both tracks especially the only one. They remind me of the "Wish" album but that's fine by me as I like Wish.

    With the previous 2 albums being on the "dark" side it's nice to have some more up beat tracks.

    It's a shame they won't let Robert release a double album. The Cure should have stayed away from a record co and just sold via their own web site...

  25. @MonkeyButt: Thanks for reminding me - I was late to work because I just had to get the tracks from iTunes before coming in, but I forgot to listen when I got here. :)

    Now I'm listening to "NY Trip" for the second time, and I must say that it's good to hear good NEW music! I don't remember being this excited about the new stuff since Wish was released in 1992... :D I can't wait to hear the studio versions of "The Perfect Boy" and "Sleep When I'm Dead"!

    A part of me can't wait to see them next week, but a part of me doesn't want it to get here because I don't want it to be over... Sigh... :) I love it!

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  27. sorry your passion-fest for me ended, monkeybutt. here's hoping we can rekindle our lustful liason one day soon. ;-)

    i fell in love with eotw straight away; it was familiar and yet paradoxically different. it was the cure sound, updated. as was much of tc and bf, which is why i appreciated those albums. they modernized and evolved the cure signature sound.

    the only one is just a sorry-ass retread. sure, it's a GOOD song, but as a cure song it's BOOOOOOOOOOORING. imo. :-)

    the others, though, have promise, and i will withold my final analysis until i hear them properly.

    as for my anomalous love for wms over disint - i realize i'm in a camp all my own over that. keep in mind that i am not oppposed, per se, to many of the SONGS on disint - i just don't find the ALBUM to be the mesmerizing masterpiece so many people do. never did. i find it a bit disjointed at times, and frankly, somewhat boring. prayers for rain and fascination street have got to be the most overrated yawn-inducing cure songs EVER. and don't get me started on last dance. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE.

    i do like many of the songs from disint, however: ps, poy, disint, closedown, homesick, untitled, lullaby, sdway... indeed, i find ps and poy to be some of the most gorgeous cure songs ever.

    for me, wms works wonders as an ALBUM. it's whimsical funky fun. it took me a while to shed my hatred for the album and fully embrace its eccentric charms. now i love it, and it's number five in my cure album ratings.


    my fave five cure albums:


    suck on THAT, YO!


  28. ok, clockwise, you can express yourself eloquently. i get what you're saying completely. let's do it. ;)

    seriously, i think having grown into and up with the cure through disintegration initially (it was the first album i ever bought as a new album, i.e., i was waiting for it to come out), has a lot to do with my- and many others'- love for it. the album is emblematic of a time in our lives when we were young, falling in love, and getting in touch with our hearts. or some such nonsense.

    it's also a time when the cure were just about the biggest band on the planet, and i could believe there were millions of other people that felt exactly how i did.

    i mean, i listened to that album every single day. multiple times. sure, i would throw in faith or 17secs occasionally, but i DEVOURED disintegration. i knew every note, every word (except for those damned buried phrases), every pause, everything.

    now i'm 36 and i really rarely listen to it as much anymore. but when the time is right- rainy sundays, mostly- when the feeling is there, i throw it on and suddenly i'm 17 again and my heart just got broken. i try to believe there's so much more than just this. my faith is restored. that's why i love the album so much.

  29. i understand, monkeybutt. i feel the same exact way about hotd.

    don't get me wrong - at one time i too devoured disint.

    but over time its charms faded for me. i still do love the majestic plainsong, of course, and the gorgeously ethereal poy, and the others i mentioned. but it no longer has the same pull with me as some others do, especially hotd.

    when i listen to hotd i'm 18 again and free of all the cares in the world.

    so i get ya re: disint. :-)