Friday, July 18, 2008

Greatest Hits goes Platinum in Europe

From IFPI: "Two veteran acts saw their greatest hits collections pick up a Platinum Award. The Cure, who released 12 studio albums from the 1970s onwards, received an award for their Greatest Hits compilation." (Thanks Peter)


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!

    That's awesome!


  2. i prefer that was Faith...

    it's magic....

  3. How many albums have they had go platinum before this? Disintegration, Wish and Standing on the Beach... any more?

  4. the cure went platinum, right?


  5. That's quite impressive for The Cure to sell at least 1 million copies of any album in only 4 months. Really amazing. I mean, Disintegration only hit 2 million last year, right? 2 million in 18 years for one of their most popular and critically acclaimed albums!

    And the crappy Hits album did this well? Galore is so much better! I hope The Cure gets the proceeds and not just Elektra/Fiction. And I hope people don't stop there and keep looking through the back catalogue. Then again, I've never wanted regular albums from Fleetwood Mac, Prince, or Elton John.

  6. Oh, and I know Disintegration only sold 2 million in the US, but still....

  7. no offense to anyone who likes them, but why are coldplay so popular? i noticed from that article that they solds lotsa units recently.

    i find them to be rather bland and vanilla. i do like a few of their songs, but imo, they don't merit such massive popularity.

  8. Cat: I think it could be a mass media thing, since we see a lot more of them on tv, at least here in Portugal.

  9. Annie: I just posted the entire list of gold and platinum albums/videos in the US.

  10. muldfeld whats platinum in 4 months then? where you egtting this info?

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  12. Cat:
    I really don't understand the Coldplay thing. I call them U2 junior.
    I do have X&Y, which the critics called their best work, but to me it sounds just like their previous albums.
    They are boring.

  13. In the same article:

    "Grammy Award winning singer Michael Bublé..."

    The Grammy is a joke. It kinda makes me glad The Cure did not win one for Bloodflowers.

    Sorry, I know this is out of topic.

  14. BF DOES deserve awards, though... 2nd best cure album. :-)

    msp: yeah, they are deffo u2 jr., and just as bad. although, like u2, they have a few good gems.

  15. Cat - Hi!

    I dig them personally. I think they always deliver. I've seen them live twice so far and can't wait to go again on July 29th! In my opinion, and I like the comparison with U2 (because I think only those two bands deserve to play on the same field...), they get universal recognition because their music is universal. You might notice that you very seldom here someone say: "I HATE Coldplay". Wouldn't you agree? I think it's because it's very hard to HATE their music. You either love them or don't mind hearing it. In this light, I think it's easy to understand why they're the one planetary band right now (perhaps along with U2 but not as much now as they use to be...).

    Personally, I really like them because I can always listen to them regardless of my mood. I put them on when I don't know what I feel like listening or when I'm driving or doing chores and stuff. They are my favorite casual listen.

    Plus, I owe them rare show-related goosebumps for their live interpretation of Fix You in Montreal. Only The Cure have beaten that in the many many shows I've seen in my life...

    Just my two cents...

  16. fantac: as i said, i didn't want to offend coldplay fans, and actually, i have liked u2 quite a bit in the past. and as i said, i like a few coldplay songs. but the hype is a bit much for them, imo. but anyway... glad you like them, and i agree there is something melodic in their sound that is compelling in its way. but gimme cure any day over 'em.

  17. Cat - Oh God... By no means do I want to insinuate they're better than The Cure!!! lol Blasphemy!!! I'm basically trying to put into words why I think they're the mainstream biggest band right now. I think they're excellent for being mainstream and universal. The rest of mainstream is so... Let's not even go there! I think even you might lack adjectives to describe that! :oP

  18. I am with both of you on Coldplay. I only like a couple of their songs but for music with wide mainstream appeal, they are at least tolerable - something I can't say for many bands.

  19. Dead boy Craved, it's in the link of Craig's related post. I think it was saying The Cure sold at least 1 million copies of The Hits in the 2nd quarter of this year.

    By the way, msp000, I think it's widely believed that Coldplay's "X & Y" was its worst album. Many think the 2nd was the best at the time. Personally, I think the first was the best (though I haven't listened to it in years). The new one is over-rated like crazy, though it's a bit admirable, especially stuff like "Strawberry Swing". However, every time there's a new Coldplay album, I pay every time I pass by a radio or go to a shop with music playing from a speaker. We just get saturated with Coldplay. Lots of Radiohead fans hate Coldplay, but it's my belief that many, including myself, wouldn't mind Coldplay so much if it weren't everywhere.

    I'm a big U2 fan, but have always hated "Vertigo"; I'm sure everyone here hated it a lot more with that iPod ad. Heck, all their new songs got more play than their best stuff a decade and a half ago; I've never heard "The Fly" on the radio, but it's brilliant!