Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lol and Michael recording together

"My neighbor here in L.A. has just helped Lol and Michael Dempsey record the third Levinhurst album. This occurred last Tuesday-Thursday. They have teamed up with another guitarist and Lol's wife. Lol is on drums, and Michael is on bass, and his wife is on vocals.
He was really nice and got some albums signed for me by both Lol and Michael."
(Thanks Brent)


  1. Wow, it's interesting that Dempsey was so involved with this. I guess that he and Lol must've really been keeping in touch over the years.

  2. I got to interview Lol and he was the coolest guy! He's really nice and funny and his wife, Cindy is great too. Then I went and saw them play, and that was a really fun show too. Their two albums so far have both been quite good, so I'm looking forward to this new one! Anyone else here like Levinhurst?

  3. I finished reading Never Enough: The Story of The Cure last night and it was quite enlightening regarding Lol's departure of the band. I never knew that his alcoholism was that bad... According to this book (but it quotes Lol over and over), it was the one key thing that prompted his demise. I was really sad when I closed the book.

    (But a surprising thing is that the book ends with a couple pages surrounding Craig! All hail Craig!)

    I'm glad to see Lol's apparently doing better (he says he has been sober for 16 years now... Wow!) and that he is still involved with music. I wouldn't have thought he would still be in contact with Michael Dempsey but it was interesting to learn about this. I hope they're all doing good!

  4. interesting that the four Easy Cure members are in LA at the same time

    very unlikely I know, but remember Frank Bell appearing at a concert a few years back, so anythings possible

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