Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Only One chart updates

US -Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks- debuted at #35 last week, up to #32 this week.
UK - falls to #93 (2nd week)
Germany Top 100 - enters at #77
France Top 200 - up to #28 (2nd week)
Spain - remains at #1 (2nd week)
Italy Top 50 Downloads - enters at #35
Hungary Top 10 - enters at #7
Europe Hot 100 - enters at #83
Canada Hot 100 - enters at #63
Canada Hot Digital Sales -enters at #34
(Thanks to Pietro, Thom and Ivan @ Hispacure)

"Heard The Only One on the radio today an Charlottesville, VA on 106.1FM. Also went to the local record store (Plan 9) and they have it there, too!"
(Thanks Tara)


  1. still number one in spain and moved up a few notches here. interesting. actually, i like the song better now. i went from hating it, to love/hating it, to hating it, to semi-liking it. i'm sure i'll change my mind again in a few daze. i can't help it - i'm a gal, and we're a fickle sort.

  2. I hear it in los angeles frequently and I rarely listen to radio, usually just to swap cds or plug in the ipod.
    must mean it's getting some spins!

  3. yeah, but eotw was a much better single. imo. :-)

  4. And still not to be found in US stores

  5. the only one is #1 in "Soundportal charts" (Alternative Radio - Styria) here in Austria.

    here's the link: