Friday, May 30, 2008

Close Encounters in Marsielle

Added some new Marseille photos to the
Close Encounters gallery.


  1. Actually, Robert is really kind of looking like old Elizabeth Taylor these days... Maybe that whole head-shaving + make-up-giving-up wouldn´t be a bad idea, after all.

  2. I just tell it like it is.

    I remember a time when the Cure was a "band without image", when all that mattered was the music and the lyrics.
    Then after "Pornography" came all this make-up thing, the chart sucess and all, and all of a sudden Robert Smith is the "Pop Icon", the "Goth Poster Boy" and what not. Alright by me. The music was still good. And it wasn´t like he was making a fool of himself, anyway. Actually, I admit that in my teens I wanted to look like him - only without the make-up, that is.

    But he has got older and I don´t think that "Poster Boy" thing fits him anymore. In those Marseille pictures he looks like a drag-queen or something... Surely that is not his intention, is it?
    And it´s not that it has to be this way. In that radio 4-part interview posted in this blog he isn´t wearing any make-up and he actually looks quite alright. I´m sure his girl fans watched it and still wanted to make him, so he wouldn´t really be losing anything.

    I say this as a man who respects Robert, who considers him to be a great songwriter and who still holds many of the Cure's albums among his favourites ever. I've never met him, I´m not his friend, but if I may say so, it is as a friend that I say that I don´t want him to make a fool of himself. It would be sad, really.

  3. Good point.Though i think he looked more like ol'Liz Taylor 5 years ago when he was even bigger...I cannot view the Marseille pics because of the firewall at work, so i can't comment...I would say 2 things though..I think he is definetly trapped in "that" look and there's no way back...and i think he doesn't look too bad for being almost 50..

  4. I think he should stay how he is. Thats how people remember him and fans would be pissed off if he looked any different.

    How'd you think Kiss would look without the make up? Or Slash without the hair and hat? It's his stage persona and part of his iconic status.

    Toning it down wouldn't be so bad I guess, but destroying the look would be like destroying the band.

  5. "destroying the look would be like destroying the band."

    Maybe that would be right for Kiss, whose music isn´t worth a s**t. But for THE CURE!? You are actually insulting the band, without realising it.

    Anyway, it is Robert himself who has been destroying his image, by obsessively sticking to it when he clearly it has worn out. "You can hold onto something so tight
    You've already lost it". Ever heard that?

    Come on people, fall to your senses!

  6. Hi again,

    You know, I've always felt like Robert Smith had to have a persona. I've always thought there is Robert Smith, the man, who little people know, and Robert Smith, the frontman, who makes people wish they knew the man!

    I think it started out of derision and he finally found the practicality of it. A similar dynamics to what he did during the Swing Tour when he kept wearing hockey jerseys. In my opinion, he got used to using this image and it "became" him, as the Cure frontman.

    This is something none of us can even dare say we can relate to because between 1985 to 1992, Robert Smith was definitely an International superstar and I mean SUPERstardom. It must be unbearable to feel like you HAVE to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to behave a certain way, etc. so that you don't disappoint people's expectations or whatever.

    I don't feel the right to judge this look as in my opinion, it must have been a means more than an end. In any case, I think it served him well, both personally and commercially and it's no one's right but his to keep it going or end it.

  7. The explanation is really simple. He likes looking the way he does. More importantly, Mary likes him to look the way he does. I don't think it's about "image" to him. Look at the way he's managed The Cure all these years. How many times has he butted heads with record companies--and won? He truly doesn't give a damn about anyone else's opinion except his own and Mary's, and that includes his personal appearance.

  8. Let's take a look at old Cure:

    And here is another one (nevermind the pink shirt and please don´t lok at Simon :D):

    Doesn´t Robert look alright to you? Weren´t these The Cure that recorded "Faith" and "Pornography", the 2 masterpieces (together with "17 Seconds") that made them one of the 80's greatest bands?

    Now some 15 years later, in the studio, also without make-up:

    Isn´t he alright?

  9. "He truly doesn't give a damn about anyone else's opinion except his own and Mary's, and that includes his personal appearance."

    Do you TRULY believe that?

  10. this is a pretty interesting discussion - much better than the tired old WMS ones

    I think the make-up on stage works, I think it's part of the preparation for the bizarre experience of standing in front of thousands of screaming people

  11. I think I read somewhere that it has something to do with putting on a mask to be able to face going on stage.

  12. altr:

    Well, maybe. But isn´t it true that Robert also uses make-up when he is not on stage?

    And isn´t it true that before 'Pornography' he used to get on stage without make-up?

    Alrigth, since he has become famous the crowds that attend Cure shows are much bigger and that can be more intimidating, but then I´m sure that from where he stands on stage he can´t see most of the crowd´s faces, anyway.
    Hasn´t he said before that he is so short-sighted that he can´t even spot his clones on the front-rows, or something like that? ;)

  13. revolt - yes, he has def talked about being short sighted. I

    I was just throwing it in as a suggestion.

    The fact that he does wear make-up off stage does put pay to that comment, but does he only do it when he knows that he is still on show?

  14. @Revolt. The only thing I find insulting is your obsession with Roberts looks. Which writer for TMZ are you? Seriously it isn't that big of a deal, no matter which dead celebrity gossip hounds try and assosiate him with.

    Roberts looks are as much part of The Cure as anything else. Do you really think Cure fans would accept him any other way?

  15. hey andrew - how's life in London?

  16. "Isn´t he alright?"
    Holy cow, he's more than all right, he's adorable! But that pink shirt is... is... pink.

    Aha! I see your cunning plan now. You're trying to distract me with cute pictures of Robert so I'll forget what the hell I was trying to say! Well... it worked! Almost.

    Robert stated in a interview from late last year that "I live with someone who likes the way I look." And he's also said that Mary has told him he acts more aggressively with short hair. Based on other interviews like this and the way he's managed The Cure, I think he's just reached the stage in his life where he's just going to do what he wants to do. He's in his late 40s, he's successful, he's doing what he always has wanted to do, and he doesn't appear to give a shit what anyone thinks about his appearance. I personally don't dig the hair (or the extra weight for that matter), but I'm not married to him so my opinion doesn't matter a hill of beans. He's still hot, anyway.

  17. ad - I really like the last picture in the studio. Damn, he looks fine

  18. @Elise. Ha love it!! England does consist of more than London you know.

    Anyway I guess I hold this topic dear to me as I'm always being told that I must share the same barber as Robert (and whenever I cut my hair,I get told that I look far more agressive and not my usual huggable bear self).

    The make up however should stay. Cure fans love it and thats the only thing that matters.

  19. "huggable bear" how cute. Yes, I know England is more than just London. But I thought you were in the big smoke.

  20. I'm lucky enough to not live in London. I'm hopefully going to be applying for a new passport soon and as quickly as I get it I'm going lol.

  21. Hi elise, andrew and y'all,

    I find it quite funny that some of us here almost seem to write as if they actually knew about how Robert and Mary (??) actually think :oS

    What I stated before really says what I believe so I won't repeat myself but my opinion leads me to think some here confuse very different aspects of Robert's life in the debate: public and personal.

    Again it's just my opinion but I do think those two aspects are and have to be different for a public figure like Robert Smith. Otherwise, one would go nuts!

    And all I feel I really have to take any position is not what people say, write or feel about anything related to Robert Smith. All I do have are is words and his interviews. And considering I doubt Robert Smith can be called reliable in his interviews (now isn't that an understatement! lol), I'm left with his words.

    Robert Smith wrote a few songs about this, his image and role and what people expect from him and all. I think Open and End are precisely about this in my opinion and it seems obvious there is a clear duality about his life.

    So that's why I wrote what I wrote earlier. We have very little to actually make up our minds and it's easy to be "lost" and advance stuff we think we know when in fact we are actually clueless!

  22. Hi fantac - that is almost too much to read at 12am

  23. @Elise. I live in Northamptonshire (dumb name, it's actually central not exactly North).

    Funny story about how dull it is. I do a fair amount of painting in my free time (some inspired by cure songs :-))and I love painting fantasy landscapes and seascapes so I use lots of bright colours. Then one day someone asked me if I could paint a local area.

    So I said yes and got a photograph then spent the entire time mixing up about 40 different shades of grey. Seriously even the rainbows are grey here. Looking out of my window right now is like looking at a black and white photograph.

    So swiftly coming back to topic, I guess this be why I love Roberts looks. It triumphantly adds more colour to an already bright band.

  24. andrew - that is HILARIOUS. When you get your passport, you will need to come to Australia.
    We have lots of different colours - many different shades of blue

  25. Yeah I will love to come to Australia. I actually have close friends who live in Adelaide who run some hotels so accommodation wouldn't be an issue lol.

  26. This may come as a surprise after the seemingly shallow remarks I was making about another member of the band's "appearance" last evening, but it doesn't matter at all to me how Robert looks.

    Well, I'd prefer that he lost a little bit of weight, just because I'm concerned for his health, but I could care less if he wants to wear eye make up or a tutu or a wedding dress! As long as he's being himself and is happy with how he looks, then I'm happy too!

  27. Hi! I thought Robert doesn't put any makeup when he is on a very private occasion. I once watched a video in which Robert visited Simon's son at a studio. He didn't wear any makeup.

    By putting a certain makeup, it's very easy to create a certain persona and separate it from the real personality. Since Robert is shy, I believe he feels comfortable to hide real "Robert James Smith" from people he doesn't know much.

  28. Hi v - I'm with you. It's his words and music that are most important - if he happens to be cute as well, that is just an added bonus.

  29. Junko: I think you're absolutely right. It helps him get onstage and perform; it's like a mask, or "war paint", as he says. :)

  30. Andrew - the good thing about Adelaide is that it is nice and central. Not far to the other big cities.

  31. Good morning (afternoon/evening???), Elise! How's it going? You were really cracking me up last night! :) Lots of fun!

  32. Is it just me or does Robert look a bit like a more intelligent Ben Affleck when he isn't wearing his "war paint".

  33. It's just after midnight here. That was hilarious today, I can't believe how quickly the conversation turned :-)

  34. >And considering I doubt Robert Smith can be called reliable in his interviews

    Hi, fantac! I think it's right attitude regarding his interviews. As I posted in the other thread, you should not take what Robert says seriously word by word. It might be true at the very moment but it might become incorrect next day.;-)

  35. Elise: I wonder if Paul had any idea what kind of perverted frenzy he would start by sending that text message to Craig! Oh well. Good fun. :)

    Just after midnight? Wow! It's 10:32am here...I'm still working on my first cup of coffee...:D

  36. v - I think Paul will be very surprised by the reaction to the comment. Hey, it's just a bit of harmless fun.

    We're a day apart now, it's Saturday here - woo hoo!

  37. "@Revolt. The only thing I find insulting is your obsession with Roberts looks. Which writer for TMZ are you? Seriously it isn't that big of a deal, no matter which dead celebrity gossip hounds try and assosiate him with."

    No obsession whatsoever. I was just trying to make a point.

    "Roberts looks are as much part of The Cure as anything else. Do you really think Cure fans would accept him any other way?"

    Now, I surely don´t know the answer to that. Let each fan speak for themselves.

  38. i don't give a shit as long as the music's good. and lately, it is.

  39. Well said, MonkeyButt. Glad that you decided not to hang yourself after all. :)

  40. 3 things:

    1) Notice how most people don't have a problem with 50 year old WOMEN still wearing make-up. For Robert, wearing make-up is as natural as it is for most females.

    2) I really truly think Robert does not give a shit if some people think he looks like a fool. He has received a LOT of derision throughout his musical career for his make-up and coiffure, and much of the criticism has been leveled at him in more recent times. He has eyes and ears, and is likely very well aware of the mockery. The fact that he continues not just to WEAR make-up but to FLAUNT it is proof, IMO, that he really doesn't care what others thinks, as long as he is happy with how he looks.

    3) He looks damn good, IMO.

    And of course, his looks mean NOTHING In the scheme of things. If the music sucks ass, then Robert could be Johnny Depp and I wouldn't care.

    Mmmmmm...Johnny Depp.

  41. Damn straight, Clockwise_Cat. Funny how two of my favorite musicians, Robert and Mike Ness, are both straight guys who wear more eye makeup than I do.