Monday, July 20, 2009


A bit about the Reeves Gabrels/Robert collaborations at Wicked Local, and a mention in a Brandon Flowers (Killers) interview with The Guardian. (Thanks Heron)

"There were Cure references(the moon singing lovecats during end credits and a reference to Goth Juice, made from the tears of Robert Smith) during The Mighty Boosh tonight." (Thanks April)

"BBC1's new panel quiz show "As seen on TV" played a bit of BDC over footage of contestants crying on the Joseph talent contest before a bunch of questions! A bit of a sad use of the classic methinks!" (Thanks Robert but not THE Robert)


  1. *waves at andythecurefan* me to, my wife doesn't like it though she thinks it smells like squashed ants or Robert's body odour haha!..

  2. LOVE the song 'Yesterday's Gone' BTW..