Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something awful in Australia?

Update: Watch the episode here. May not work outside of Australia. (Thanks Jeff)

"This could be hideous but...if you're in Australia, watch channel TEN on Tuesday 1st September 2009 at 7h30PM. Shaun Micallef will be hosting his whole show dressed as RS...could be...something....judging by the promos Ive seen, he's one ugly RS. impeccable taste the man has though..." (Thanks ML68)


  1. mmm.. saw the ads for that, will give you the verdict when I've finished watching!!

  2. I recorded the beginning of it. Crap digicam-from-TV quality, but whatever!


  3. you can probably watch the episode online on the website

    I watched it.. I think Shaun Micaleff was admirable to choose Robert Smith as his influential figure of the generation. Even if he didn't pull off the makeup so well. It was funny. The intro of the episode started with a little bit of lovecats playing.

    At the end of the show, it was "snowing" they all started throwing snowballs at Shaun as RS...I thought they might start playing POY and attempt a poor rendition of the video clip...haha

  4. ps: On a Melbourne Radio station today (VEGA) they did a UK music gladiators poll. The voting was out of.. THE CURE or ELTON JOHN.
    ....the Cure started off winning by 50%..(I voted of course)...But in the end Elton beat us! :( sad!

  5. *Sorry about all the deleted posts, I was trying to get photo links to work.

    Tonight's final episode of "Talkin Bout Your Generation" was at least the 3rd time Shaun Micallef has dressed as Robert Smith.
    4 PHOTOS from tonight's "Talking Bout Your Generation" show :




    About 5-6 years ago on his "Micallef Tonight" show he ended a show by saying something like he always wanted to be in a Cure cover band, and dressed as Robert Smith and sung In Between Days in full to end the show.

    On another programme of his "Newstopia" (I think it was the final in December 2008) he finally got to interview the first female Prime Minister of Ukraine (not really her), and he wanted to impress her, so he dressed as Robert Smith.
    PHOTO about 3/4 way down the page :

  6. Here is the video from the Talkin 'bout Your Generation show with host Shaun Micallef dressed as Robert. The show is an odd blend of a game and talk show about music and pop culture. He looks pretty silly but in the end, it is a nice tribute. DISCLAIMER: I havent watched the whole show. :)


  7. always been a big fan of Shaun, if not his choice of broadcaster...in any case, didn't know the long history of RS get ups...goes up a further notch on the esteem scales!!
    what I like most about him is that most people don't get his jokes. I can fully relate to that.

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  9. Hey all. I've been a frequenting this site since about 1998 or so and wanted to just let everyone know that I finally started making music after a long and steady digestion period of music. The Cure is one of my biggest influences among others...


    don't want to overstay my welcome. just wanted to pass along the word. hope you like it