Thursday, July 2, 2009

Classic live Cure (and more) on BBC Radio

"On BBC Radio 6 last night(01/07/09) Gideon Coe played 4 Cure songs live from Camden Palace in 1985. You can catch the program on the BBC IPlayer. Listen from 1h 59 minutes in. Songs played were Charlotte Sometimes, Close to Me, Primary and The Walk. Good old times!
Also on the BBC iPLAYER check out 6 Music at Glastonbury Adam and Joe's Glasto Gold, they played Inbetween Days from the BBC's Glastonbury vaults. Listen in from 56minutes 50sec. They even have Robert's picture on!!
And check out Jools Holland Monday 29th June 2009, listen in from 42minutes 50 seconds. Jools interviews the singer from Bat for Lashes and played Disintegration. She mentions covering A Forest and how much she likes the band.
So i made the mistake of typing "The Cure" in the search bar of the BBC's iPlayer and found another song. Inbetween Days was played on Richard Allinson's show on saturday 27th June. Listen in at 2.06'. He mentions people with wild hair." (Thanks JC)


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  2. the cure dj session made by me friday 3/7/09
    21 hours (buenos aires, argentina)
    from argentinian fm fenix 100.3
    in a gothic radio show called "garlands"
    listen online :

    ariel from :

  3. "Hidden place (into) a forest"
    Bjork & Robert Smith remixed by FRW

  4. Craig saw that you posted, 'see you in another life brother' on the old COF, DUUUUUDE, now I know you are a Lost fan too. One more season to go, a long wait till January. Toni