Monday, July 6, 2009

Reminder: Live in Paris at Wien Film Festival

There will be a showing of The Cure Live in Paris 2008 at the Film Festival 2009 auf dem Wiener Rathausplatzon on July 7th. The film will also be shown on Aug. 16th. (Thanks Samuel & Monghi)


  1. omg! we need to hijack the festival and get a copy of this!

  2. I'm betting it will be released on DVD/Blu-ray by the end of the year. But by whom, that's the real question.

  3. oh crap. you're right, now that TMU and The Cure have broken up.

  4. Only 90 minutes...ouch! Still, better than nothing...

  5. hows about EagleRock and Smithvision? weren't those the names from Trilogy DVD?

  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they could find a distributor if they really want to. Interesting days ahead of us. : )

  7. Wow, this is an interesting day, news-wise.
    I can never get enough of Cure concerts on dvd, bring 'em on!

  8. For this concert, THE CURE, back with the mythical line-up, Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson and Jason Cooper, has performed the songs that created their success, but also new titles from their forthcoming album exclusively.

    "Mythical line-up" makes me giggle. :)

  9. yes!! and yes, 90 minutes is rather short. but better than none at all!
    and i really hope they release the whole show in DVD/Blu-Ray

  10. how will it be? they will just project it on a really big screen? like in the cinema?

  11. what in the hell is going on with the main site?!?

  12. the official site needs usernames...

  13. Only three new songs on the setlist including abink, but kyoto song and how beautiful you are and faith !! Sounds good .

  14. Great news! But does someone know what is hapening with the cure com?

  15. Do you think they were trying to say MYSTICAL line-up, v? That would at least make some degree of sense, as compared to none at all!

  16. Hey, great to hear, but what is Smith Music Company that appeared on Trilogy DVD?

  17. 16th August... the same place, the same movie :)
    Search for The Cure on and you´ll see :)

  18. Slightly off topic but why why why havent The Cure played Glastonbury in 14 years??

  19. craig... little mistake in your update... 16th, not 18th :)

    have a nice weekend...

  20. jono... because michael eavis said he never liked the cure and was never impressed with their glasto performances ,, roberts mentioned a few times about this ,, took umbrage at eavis' commets i guess

  21. Ill never understand those comments by Eavis, I think theres more to it than that because why in that case did he book them to headline more times than any band ever? I think something happened in 04' because The Cure looked sure to play, I have read they were actually booked...maybe they were set to headline the ’Other Stage' but Robert wanted mainstage or maybe they wanted a bigger curfew window and and it rubbed Eavis up the wrong way......

  22. I certainly hope this show makes it onto dvd this year..hopefully with the full show intact. :) BTW, can't help wondering if the "Samuel" who sent this in is Robert's nephew who came over last summer. :)

  23. CRAIG!!!!

    4.5 years later and THE CURE & BLINK-182 are still all the buzz. check out this latest interview Tom DeLonge did with Tony Hawk.


    I think I read somewhere a few years back that Michael Eavis wanted The Cure to play more singles, or more of a greatest hits set. If The Cure were like any other band out there (yawn) and ended on their most well known hits i.e. Boys Don't Cry, Love Cats or Friday I'm In Love then Eavis woulda been more responsive I think, but they ended with Cut in 1995 (the last time they played there) and I think it was a bit of a flat end to their set to those who only knew the hits, especially since they were closing the festival that year on the Sunday.

    I would love it if The Cure were asked back to headline though, but I feel they would need to sacrifice the epic 8 minuters of One Hundred Years and Disintegration. The response they would get from the crowd if they did kinda do more hits would be in their favour, I just think their longer more epic tracks lie a bit flat with the casual Cure fan crowd, especially in a festival environment.

    People were saying that Bruce Springsteen's set on Saturday kinda bored people for the first hour until the hits starting seeping through - he played for 2 1/2 hours and overplayed by 8 minutes resulting in Eavis having to pay a £3000 fine.

    If The Cure got 2 hours to headline at Glastonbury the set list should look something like this (going by what they have done over the last couple of years and what would work at a festival, but at the same time demonstrating the bands ecclectic musical variety)...
    1. Plainsong
    2. Fascination Street
    3. Pictures of You
    4. A Strange Day
    5. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    6. Love Song
    7. Lullaby
    8. The Hungry Ghost
    9 To Wish Impossible Things
    10. Push
    11. Inbetween Days
    12. Just Like Heaven
    13. Friday I'm In Love
    14. The Figurehead
    15. The Hanging Garden
    16. Primary
    17. A Forest
    18. Fire In Cairo
    19 Jumping Someone Else's Train
    20. Grinding Halt
    21. 10.15 Saturday Night
    22. Killing Another
    23. Boys Don't Cry
    24. Love Cats
    25. Close To Me


  25. glsto is a big pile of overpriced wank anyway im glad they dont play there anymore... now if they did tthe small festivals that dont get the press thatd be another storey ,,, or something like the mission did all those years back -a scottish summer festival tour,,, all the wee unkown festivals... not that this would ever happen... keep glastonburt fr the masses - its all they deserve:)

  26. but on topic
    paris was a fucking amazing gig ,, i was on the thrird row frm the back about a mile away from the stage and it was still the best cure gig ive been to, hope the dvd does get a release , im sure i remember robert mentioning that it would be out this so good to see what i could nly hear:)

  27. Whilst there are plenty of off topic topics - can I let all the good people of CoF know that I am a Daddy for the second time. My daughter, Aimee Elise was born on Friday 3rd July and is so wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!

    On topic:
    I can't wait for the uncut, extended directors double DVD cut of the Paris show!

    Off again:
    The Cure are the only band that would tempt me to Glasto - and it would potentially take all three days to get to the front of the crowd!

  28. Congratulations, Robert! Hope mom and baby Aimee Elise are doing well. Can we safely assume that the Elise part was influenced by the song? : )

  29. Robert, congratulations man!! All the best for you and your family! What a beautiful name too! Do you have pictures somewhere online yet? :D

  30. Thanks Craig and Heron!

    Heron, rather than post online, I'll email you a couple of pics!

  31. Oh and Craig - what do you think? I couldn't get away with Faith Charlotte Elise Wendy....

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  33. setlist (corrected): Plainsong, Prayers for rain, alt.end, End Of The World, Lovesong, InBetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, Disintegration, M, Play For Today, A Forest, Boys Don´t Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing Another...

  34. fantastic film !!!
    i love the effects, pics are on its way to craig, and i hope a little video too.

    to glasto:
    in 1995 i drove 1500km to see the cure at glastonbury. and yes, porl joined on the last song !!