Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Robert mention in a NY Times article on Hairstyles. (Thanks Kate)
Cure mention in 4Y-Records. (Thanks The_Vacancy_Smiles)
Robert photo, and 100 Years mention at NME. (Thanks Pietro)
Billboard's This Week In Charts 1989 remembers the debut of Lovesong. (Thanks Heron)
Remembering the 1979 Reading Rock Festival. (Thanks ML68)
Mention of Robert in this New Humans review. (Thanks Claudio)


  1. Billboard's This Week in Charts revisits 1989 with a mention of the singles review of The Cure's Lovesong.

  2. yay thanks for this!! love the blasts from the past

  3. Makes me wish the remaster Disintegration would come out soon. So much for August '08, as stated in the program. :(. But I do remember the times well. The summer before my senior year.

  4. And i had just been called to serve in the French Army(Aug 89)..i missed all the Wembley show arrrgh...We're not gonna see a Disintegration Remasters this year that's for sure :(

  5. Really JC? That sucks! :o

    This week in 1989 I was barely a month away from my first Cure show ever, Sept. 8th at Dodger Stadium in LA. :D Good times, good memories...

  6. Anybody has a vague idea
    what The Cure are up to
    at the moment ??
    Holyday ??

  7. Yeah Rev..real bad times then. imagine, missing the Disintegration tour what a downer!

  8. Slow news hmm.
    We as Cure fans are used to delays aren't we? I wouldn't worry, I'm sure in a couple of years they will get around to celebrating their 30th anniversary XD.


  10. I notice there really hasn't been any news about any potential new Cure songs. Are there any rumors for new music? I'm assuming that we won't get anything new until 2013 but I was wondering what others might have heard>

  11. Guys, on a really serious note and Craig if you're on.. Surely we as fans have a right to know what is going on. If nobody updates the official site then this is pretty much it...
    Surely some kind of petition can be started by us to give to Craig who can then pass on to his sources as to where everything is at in terms of the remasters, the official site, the "Ask Robert" interview, whether the band still actually exsists and has a label.
    I do realise some of the demands I've come up with are maybe unrealistic and are made on the heat of the moment. But I'm getting just as frustrated as the rest of you as to what the hell is going on..
    These Curespottings and Depeche Mode updates sure are interesting but as far as I see it's a diversion because without any official news from the official site there's nothing worthy putting up here..

  12. Well, I think it's good too to have those periods of "news rest"

    'cause, I don't think the waiting of the last two albums was really healthy.

    When something is in progress, I'd rather not notice that I am waiting.

    It only makes the expectations too high (and we often wait something different than what is coming, so we lose our neutral point of view. That's why I love WMS !! 'cause I never waited for it !!)
    The best thing is when you don't care if it's going to be good or not. The problem is that that state of mind is difficult to mix with being a fan.

    (The more you like something, the more it seems to vanish. Like you can't grasp it.)

    So, I'm not against pauses

    But, yeah, just a vague idea of what they're on would be just fine

    Now, I'm more into the downbeat stuff of The Cure of these days,
    so still, I do expect the next thing
    And I hope Robert's singing will sound even more honest

    Which makes me think,
    I love this Jimi Hendrickx short interview,
    I do recognise Robert in there !! :)

    I like what he says at 2'30 !!
    That's the Fan paradox !!


  13. I remember that there was a lot of talk about a "Christmas album" last year. Although I knew that we wouldn't see such an album any time soon it is odd that there has not been really any Cure news is quite some time. This is not a criticism of Craig, who is awesome, it's a criticism of Robert, who appears to have abandoned the official site.

  14. Oh, and, in a not so old interview, Robert said about the new songs that he had to sing them but everything else was done and said
    "But it's alright, it's coming along."

    And there's that retrospective DVD with Tim Pope

    So, I guess, if there's no news, then that's the news

    Well, I'm ok with waiting I think, as long as I don't think about it everyday anymore
    (But I still check COF everyday hmm)

    But, the question that is bothering me
    Can a band still be THAT good if music is not their principal daily occupation anymore ??

    I think, we may not be able to generalise.
    For example, The Blue Nile does well.

    I don't really know
    Well, let me stop here and move on (QUICKLY) and positively !!!!


  15. Given the lack of true updates I've only been checking this site every few months. I've been dismayed that robert hasn't given any news to report. I understand that it takes Robert up to 5 years between albums, but I'd still love to hear him say something like, "Wait until you hear the new stuff". I'd even be happy to hear that he's contributing a single to a soundtrack or something. Yes I'm greedy/entitled but I love the Cure and I want something new to look forward to.

  16. No offence intended, Craig but I just would really hate this blog to end up like the official site's community board where obviously there's no news to talk about so it's really gone off topic and people are really abusive and rude..
    I went on there for the first time in about 18 months and it really has gone to shite.. The whole site really has become a joke. I think if Robert ever went on there (and it's obvious he doesn't otherwise all those people would be out on their ear, he or the mighty U or whoever runs the site really need to hire an admin person or a webmaster to filter all of that nonsense..)he would be apalled..
    COF has too good a reputation for riffraff to start coming along and spoiling everything because "the fans are restless"..

  17. Hmm :) Well I remember times when it just got worse when Robert posted !!!!

    But surely, the fact that people stay decent & kind on here
    is thanks to Craig
    It's a choice. And a good one ;)

    I'd never expect the to get any healthier. Then why bother if you have COF

    Remember when Robert would lock up in a room for long periods just to write
    I wouldn't want to deny them that isolation

    Surely when you see what the fans-in-the-attic's reactions are

    Sometimes it's as if they were begging the band to fall apart


    a very tiny mention of robert and ruby woo in US Elle magazine for july 2009. tiny but amusing! :)

  19. come on do we really need cure spotting anymore..its kind of lame...lke h there was an episode of 30 rock were one o the characters mentioned an 80s band with black eyeliner and a british used ot be amusing but i thing its outlasted its usefuleness

  20. pardon the typos in previous post

  21. i think he cure need to work with brian eno , he has done wonders for bands who have been in a rut to evolve into a new style and sound....from bowie, talkingheads, U2,even his own work is genius,,,,

  22. Dean: Two very easy options - 1.If you don't like the Curespottings, ship over them. 2.Don't read CoF until The Cure are active again.

  23. Make that "skip" over them. : ) Or if you want to ship them, that's fine too. : )

  24. craig, it was a constructive criticism about he cure spottings, where once they were fun and col has become just filler. there was no need to get snippy about it, and if you didn;t and i misinterpreted it then sorry its hard to tell on the net sometimes...anyway i would suggest fill in the downtime with much more other cure stories, like how DM has this day in Dm history you could do with cure, or have wo can find the sillies pic of robert at a wal mart etc...or just random odd facts or pics or stories (stories preferably backed up with sources or some kind of proof not just idle gossip) i think that would be much more interesting to read in the downtime.
    or songs the band should retire and new ones they should introduce...etc...anyway just an opinion..if you don't like it fine..just me personally i find the curespottings a lot of filler....unless if it was a really interestign cure spotting like obmama strutted to lovecats on air force one ....than i;ll read that :P