Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"The other night on The Tonight Show with Conan O' Brien (at the 7:40 mark), he mentioned the recent Depeche Mode "In Chili" incident where he thanked the wrong country, and Conan joked that, "The fans responded with, 'Thank you, The Cure!'"
(Thanks Jeremy and Brat)
Note: Before Brat's head explodes...again : ), you should know that Dave did not make a mistake! He said "Thank you very much, goodnight!"

"The new Inbetweeners soundtrack has Inbetween Days on it." (Thanks Emsywink)

"Saw this unusual rugby reference to The Cure with a headline from Jumping Someone Else's Train." (Thanks Andrew)

Robert doll vs. Billy Corgan doll. I have no idea! (Thanks Rob)
Update: Some stories about this at Twentyfourbit, CD Insight, and Pitchfork. (Thanks Heron)

"In Between days is in the soundtrack of Italian movie "La doppia ora" (The double hour). Here is the link of the backstage with IBD at the beginning. The Cure song is the leitmotiv of the movie and the obsession of the female character. The director is Giuseppe Capotondi; this is his first movie. He is mainly a videoclip director ("Charlie Big Potato" and "Secretly" of Skunk Anansie; "Crystal Ball" and "Nothing in my way" of Keane)." (Thanks Michele)

"I saw Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop of Travis play an acoustic show at Largo In Hollywood on October 10th. The shows are dubbed as "A Chronological Acoustical Journey Through The Travis Back Catalogue". Between songs Fran discussed the inspiration for lyrics and talked quite a bit about how songs came to be. They recorded three songs for the 1999 album "The Man Who" at Mike Hedges' Chateau de la Rouge in France. Fran talked about working with Mike and mentioned that he had engineered "all those great early Cure albums", and "great songs like
A Forest"." (Thanks John)

"Today (Oct. 11th) on spanish channel Antena 3, Manuel Pinazo (a spanish journalist) talked about 30th anniversary of the Cure, describes them like "one of the most important bands in the 80s decade" (Thanks Rachel)

The new French film, Rose et noir, features Boys Don't Cry and Lullaby in its trailer. (Thanks David, Bill, and Alex)

David Gray talks with Nightline about covering A Forest.
(Thanks DJ Scribbles)

Drowned in Sound says there's a Cure influence on A Place To Bury Strangers, and University Chronicle finds a "Cure-like vibe" on the new Why? album. (Thanks Kate)

Tom DeLonge listens to Inbetween Days backstage.
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

A Forest used in a Belgian commercial for Joe FM. ("The sentence shown in the commercial roughly translated says something like: "Luckily the music did stay good after all these years." It's to promote a new show where they go back in the archives and listen to a different top 40 from a certain week in a certain year.") (Thanks Jeroen)

"At the She Wants Revenge/Kill Hannah show here in Denver earlier this month, Kill Hannah's bass tech played a few bars of the bassline from "Fascination Street" during the soundcheck before their set." (Thanks V)

Red Moon Tribe does a gothic belly dance routine to Lullaby. (Thanks Joanne)


  1. Eskimo Snow is a great record, but I wouldn't say there's a particularly strong Cure vibe on it, though. I know Yoni is a fan of the band, but his sonics are just completely different from Roberts.

  2. Listen to "Keep slipping away" from A place to bury stranger and "the Cure influence" becomes the understatement of the century!Still a good song though, and a good album

  3. "Keep slipping away" from A place to bury stranger reminds me an awful lot of The Baby Screams.

  4. I'm confused....how did my robertsmith doll get involved in all this?

  5. shall we launch a Robert smith doll Army? I know there are a few dolls out there...

  6. I want to know if someone has spotted Robert working on the dark album! ;-)

    Wonder if he's still "writing and thinking..."

  7. The thing is that this mysterious Dark Album is supposed to already BE done. Was supposed to have been recorded in the 4:13 sessions, and RS just cherry-picked the songs to make light/dark albums. The songs are done. Just lying around somewhere not being listened to.

  8. It has been almost a year since 4:13 Dream. Up until a few weeks ago I would have expected the dark album to have been released this month. Sadly that is not the case, however I don't expect us to be waiting another 3 years for it, as per usual ;)

  9. andythecurefan has his birthday today!!

    Happy Birthday Andy!

    all the best!

  10. a happy birthday to andythecurefan and kelbel!

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  12. Come on people support @robertsmithdoll on Twitter and facebook. They're having a cage match next friday!!!!!!!!!

  13. Amanda Palmer has been twittering about her love for the Cure, her favourite albums/songs. She also mentioned the open letter she's been writing to Robert Smith ever since the Coachella gig.
    I think she's planning on posting it on her blog soon..

  14. Maybe this goes here... The other night on The Tonight Show with Conan O' Brien, he mentioned the recent Depeche Mode "In Chili" incident where he thanked the wrong country, and Conan joked that, "The fans responded with, 'Thank you, The Cure!'".

  15. update from Roger....

    I would say I am now 3/4 of the way to finishing my new project which is called Two/Three. Its something I have been talking about for ages and will be released on February 23rd 2010. Its a collection of songs written for Piano Cello and Vocals and the group consists of Erin Lang my good friend Paul van Dongen and me.

  16. Excellent news! Thanks for posting it!

  17. Heeeey(: The new Inbetweeners soundtrack has Inbetween Days on it, just in case anyone is interested (: Here's the link:

  18. Must admit I do hate The Inbetweeners. For those fortunate enough to be living in ignorance of the current state of British T.V, The Inbetweeners is a show about a bunch of late teenagers (mostly played by late 20 somethings) and their sexual misadventures.

    It's like most UK T.V shows right now, in that it is aimed at teenagers and written by disconnected 40 somethings. All the dialogue seems to be lifted from half heard tween conversations the writers heard on a bus once.

    Basically my rant is saying that the show sucks but the soundtrack is good ;P

  19. That DID NOT sound like Dave said anything but "thank you very much, goodnite!" how idiotic and unfair for him to be getting all this bad press about it.

  20. This may be a follow-up to that Robert doll vs. Billy Corgan doll thing - now revealed as "Gothageddon"



    Still WTF-worthy!

  21. One more link on that from Pitchfork, but it has the correct link to the Stickam stream too.