Friday, June 13, 2008

Updates on the Freakshow

"I know everyone's been having a hard time finding the singles (myself included). Well, if anyone is in San Diego, I work at the Downtown Borders bookstore (in the Gaslamp) and I managed to get some copies of 'The Only One' in and I have more copies of 'Freakshow' on the
way. (I snagged the one that came in!) We sell 'em for $1.99. (They're the U.S. CD single.) "
(Thanks Matthew)

"Freakshow is not in any HMV in London except maybe Islington as when I last spoke to someone they were having some taxied over.
The only place I found to be selling the single was Zavvi (formerly Virgin Megastores), Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Street. It seems HMV can't cope with anything released on any day but Monday, yet can handle Friday DVD releases :S
HMV have received the singles in their warehouse in Canning Town but are unlikely to be in any HMV bar Islington until Monday. I can't say who's cock-up this is HMV's or maybe the "Mighty Universal" but then Zavvi seem more than capable of delivering. It's worth the extra 1p I say! :P"
(Thanks Thomas)

"Freakshow CD available in fnac store in Chartres (and France I suppose) for 3,99€. Beautiful green disc !!! They received it this morning... ouf !"
(Thanks Fred)

"I'm glad to tell you here in biggest recordstore company in Mexico they have Freakshow US cd single at $ 36 pesos, about 3.5 US dlls, not bad.
Freakshow had its debut on radio this afternoon, the dj said RSx voice sounds like if it were from KMKMKM era, he compared Robert's voice with Ian McCullogh's of Echo & The Bunnymen, playing Only One, Freakshow and The Killing Moon and other new tune from Ian,and said at the end that Robert sounds very good for his age and Ian lose a lot of voice power.
The dj also liked Freakshow, saying its good listen that The Cure is doing new things with his sound.he called it "new weird groovy Cure sound" but as effective as always."
(Thanks Jorge/Mad Bob)


  1. i got mine from amazon 2 days ago...

  2. Craig Im a huge Cure fan and would be an honour if you would you tell what think about my music. The song is called : "The girl is tired and the boy is sick"

    The 17 Seconds : The girl is tired and the boy is sick :

    /Pontus -

  3. Shame about all of this :\.

    I knew this 13th thing could cause problems.

    Whats the e-mail address to send things in for Craig? I have some information for him.

  4. Beau - just click my name, e-mail is in there.

  5. Still nothing in Montréal. Lame. I just know it's Universal's fault. Of the major studios out there, this is hands down the worst. Mark my words this is the next one to bite it and be bought by another major.
    They have way too much managing problems over there, plus quality control. Too often they have to recall their dvds and other shit. It's real sad.

  6. Mine arrived from amazon today, All kinds of stuff is great!!!!!!Freakshow studio version is good too, maybe a little less cowbell would be good.

  7. seems to be shipping Freakshow now...

    Items dispatched on 12 Jun 2008:
    Delivery estimate: 18 Jun 2008
    1 package via Royal Mail 1 of: Freakshow (Mix 13) [Single]
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

  8. @jkessler

    The cowbell thing is great!

    I got a feaver!

    But really I enjoy both AKoS and Freakshow very much.

    Was out by the pool last night and had both singles in the changer, angering the neighbors.

  9. Freakshow shipping updates from for those that are interested

    We started shipping the US CD on June 10th. Customers started receiving them on the 11th.

    Universal Europe really stuck to the Friday the 13th of June release date and did not release it early like Universal America did. And yes, this was out of the ordinary for distributors, as I thought could happen, and they didn't react as fast as we all would like. But we do have confirmation that the 7" singles are on their way to us and will be here Monday the 16th.

    The European CD will be here on the 18th at the earliest. Sucks, I know. Kind of ironic how the reverse happened with The Only One where the import CD arrived two days earlier than the 7". Now the reverse. Lots of potential delays with these crazy import CDs, but luckily ALL of our customers are very understanding. :)

  10. I'm in New England and the singles are available at Newbury Comics for $2.99! YAY!!!!!!!!! I also finally got The Only One today, too, because the couple of times I'd checked before there were never any copies in stock and more were on the way. So I guess I did get lucky on this Friday the 13th, Cure style! :)

  11. I ordered both from Amazon Wednesday and they arrived today. I can't stop listening to either song on Freakshow. Was it worth the year-long wait? Prolly

  12. I don't get why people (in the US at least) have had any problems getting this, as they come out immediately on iTunes.
    You may not get the sleeve, but you get the songs instantly.
    What's the problem?


  13. transport, because the sound quality on itunes is awful. plus, who wants a cure single without porl's artwork? not me.

  14. I bought my copy from the Ideal Copy on June 10th & hopefully I'll have it today soon! Should be getting the mail within the hour, I hope it in there! If not I'm sure I'll have it by Monday!

    I haven't bought much from the IC but so far what I have gotten gets shipped the day it's released and I get it within 5 days of shipment! They are a great web site to buy stuff from! I'll pre-order the rest of my Cure stuff from them!!!

    transport--people love to have a hard copy. I really like the artwork on this single. Very cool!

  15. both vinyl and cd are available from hmv website. why go to hmv store if you can order it online?

  16. I just read a review of Freakshow at the Manchester Evening news website and they say the single will be released on the 16th June???
    It was a positive review btw with 3/4. Say they can't wait for part 3.

  17. "transport, because the sound quality on itunes is awful"

    give me a break. if you can tell the difference between a song on a cd and mp3, you should be a sound engineer.

    if it's a difference between waiting weeks for a song or getting it in seconds, for a buck, then it's fine for most any stereo to reproduce anyway.

    as for the porl sleeves, i use to be the guy to get any version of a song, even if it were only a change in artwork.
    cure sleeves are nothing like they used to be, even with undy/porl doing them again.

    if you're in it for the music, then you can get it immediately, and if you really want the 4.75" x 4.75" artwork, then it's worth it to you to pay another 3-4 bucks for it.

    the point is that people said they couldn't find the single when it was readily available all along.

  18. transport, i AM a sound engineer.

    and i am going to completely give up my opinions on things to adopt your point of view on this. you're right. i'm wrong. everyone should do the same.

    what's your favorite breakfast food? i'm going to start eating that too. what sort of books do you read? i'm going to read them as well. what shoes do you like best? why? you guessed it- i'm going to start wearing them. all of my opinions and tastes up to this point have been wrong. you are the person i'm going to emulate from now on. thanks for helping me to see the light.

  19. I got my Freakshow CD in the mail today! Yahoo! I love both songs! I must have listen to both of them at least 20 time in a row now!

  20. oh, and whatever. i went to amoeba and got the physical CD. the artwork is great, it's nice to have it in my hands, and it sounds better than itunes. so there. nyah nyah nyah.

  21. I pre-ordered both singles on Freakshow arrived at my house on the 12th! I will be pre-ordering the next two as soon as they become available. I hope they ship as promptly.