Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo updates

4 new tattoos (including Smithra from South Park!)
Photos from Houston.
More fans waiting in Austin.
Simon before The Shrine.
Close Encounters in Santa Barbara and at The Shrine.
More shots from Publish PostSan Diego.


  1. I love this picture:


    It's too cute and too funny. Can't help but laugh when I saw it.

  2. Great pictures!!! Really, you had to suffer more than I did. (I waited some hours in the rain) - but I can figure out that it is much harder in the sun.

  3. Oh my god,what happened to Lol?

  4. Great pictures from Austin! I love seeing what the peeps posting on here look like! Looks like all the fans waiting at Houston had fun or at least kept themselves busy waiting in line in spite of the heat! I commend you all for doing so. I'd be a big old pile of sweat by the end of the day if I had to do that!

    LOL looks like he put on some weight but he still looks good. Great pictures from the Shrine, SD & SB shows too!

  5. Lol looks like Lol, just older. I think he looks fine.

  6. Hey Eric!
    If you this post, It's Nicole. Can you please send me the picture of Robert and I? MY email address is xi_the_cure_ix@yahoo.com

  7. BMS: It was hot, yes, but fortunately we were shaded for much of the day by a high-rise condo building. During the time that we were not, lots of peeps had umbrellas, so I stole some shade with them. A big hug for the people who allowed me to get under their umbrella. Super sweet people! And Isiah, if you are reading this, you rule!

    The wait was mostly fun, but toward the end we were all grumpy and tired and thirsty.

    OH, and FU AMH SECURITY! :-)

  8. Hey Cat. It was great talking with you at the coffee shop.

  9. I just posted about this in the other thread. Good to "see" you again. Have you recovered from heat stroke? I barely have!

  10. Why do people camp out a gigs?! :S
    I don't get it. What's the point of it?!
    People don't do that in London, that's seen as odd. I mean people might do that if they wanna be first in line to BUY tickets for a gig or something like that but camping out over night to see a gig the next day, erm...why :S


  11. Because Austin was a general admission show - the only one on the NA tour.

    You think we all had assigned seats and decided to sit in the heat all day anyway? LOL...


  12. Hi Craig, can anybody help me? Im trying to Upload my tattoo picts ... " But it's impossible". What do i do? Thanx!

  13. whoever you are with the top logo...WICKED.

  14. For the record, the Elise who has the tattoos is not me.

    I'm still undecided!

  15. So what if it was general admission, what's your point?! :S

  16. thomas, i guess people in stuffy olde england are too repressed to show their love and all, but here in the states if we love a band like the cure we camp out all day for them so that we can get up close. ;-)

    seriously, though: at a gen adm show, the earlier you show up, the more likely you will get up front.

    not sure how else to explain it. if it's seen as odd in england, OH WELL! it was worth every minute of waiting, in the end. :-)

    PS i have seen pics of fans waiting for gen adm shows in england...hmmmmmmmmmm