Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cure articles

Cleveland Scene
Miami New Times
(Thanks Kate)


  1. D.X. Ferris. has to be one of the poorest attempts at a cure review that Ive read. Why do they let die hard hootie and the blowfish fans do a review of a cure concert.

  2. Brandon - nailed it. : )

  3. brandon - you are too funny!

    The whole "Stoner Cure" thing to really stupid.

  4. Wow, is it me or the Cleveland article seems to be way fucking off the map and full of bad vibe/intent? I don't really know how to say it or where to start, there's so many things in there that seem wrong to me that my head's spinning right now.
    I'm not gonna say that the writer is not a true Cure fan else COF's own true Cure fan/haters will come out of the woodwork to bash me hard. But man... that reporter should lay off the bitching pills for awhile and go write a long essay on the state of the sidewalk in front of his house. Should be a really deep and powerful work of astute art that I can't wait to not read..
    And the other article?... already fading from my mind.

  5. I think a hootie and the blowfish fan would have given a better review...I think the reviewer should stick to reviewing American Idol runner ups.

    My wife who is not a big fan of the cure live, (she loves poppy cure, not a big fan of the more esoteric stuff) reviewed the curiosa shows kinder, and loved the recent tour.

    Now my son (13 now) saw his first ever concert in San Jose, and it brought a tear to my eyes to see him rocking out to songs I heard at my first cure concert in 87.

  6. i added a choice comment...
    to the cleveland review...
    its hard to find the place...
    a tiny little link at the bottom of the review... what a tool
    ... and i don't mean a wrench.
    DX Ferris...

  7. This is not about those two articles but...

    Brad Pitt and Aneglina Jolie just acquired "le chateau Miraval" in Southern France. Anyone knows if this is the same Miraval where The Cure recorded Kiss me x 3? Just curious...

  8. i had blissfully forgotten that there ever was a band called hootie and the blowfish. thank you brandon for reminding me. tonight i will have nightmares.

  9. hooters and the blowjobs are still around?

    yeah, that cleveland article sucks pubic hairs.

    the writing is GOOD, i will have to say, but the dude DONT know what he talkin' 'bout!

    it ain't about robert wiggling his hips - though it's AWFULLY nice when he does.

    it's about the MUSICAL experience.

    sure, it's great when robert is interactive and all cute and fun, but whatever. a cure concert, in the end, transcends all that. if the band sounds vigorous and vibrant and gets me rockin' my tits of, that is ALL that matters.

    it's not about robert shouting, "What up CLEVELAAAAAAND" and gyrating Elvis-style. or performing some lame-o cock rock gimmicks.

    sure, he can be wooden on stage. so fucking what?
    if i wanted pyrotechnics i'd go see guns and roses - or whoever.

  10. The Cleveland article just reflects the stale, recycled, processed crap that passes for radio in Cleveland. All was good when I left cleveland 20 years ago, now it's all syndicated nonsense. Really sad. All the more reason for the great fans to turn out Wednesday and prove that Cleveland still rocks!

  11. i don't know why the crow and the press in florida is the most apathetic and pathetic....the fans looks like a picture (without move on)..and the press looks like was write for a 100 years old man...
    i hope this change for tomorrow and the people in f.dauderdale wake up and going wild crazy...

  12. That Ferris guy probably wishes every group he sees on stage (Cure too obviously) would rock à la Freddy Mercury.
    But... Fred's dead baby. Fred's dead.
    Some people just can't grasp the essence of things, of happenings. And I'm not talking about holding a cup to Bob's greasy pit, here.

  13. i'll be in ft. laud on friday 6th row rocking my boobies off.

    fuck the lame-asses. they can kiss my voluptuous butt!

  14. yeah, the cure ain't queen, thank god. imagine if robert were as flamboyant on stage as freddie mercury, though? it would seem rather "out of character" as it were.

    however, to his credit, he is more interactive than ever, methinks.

  15. Id like to say that the Cleveland article is so poor it borders on amusing, half decent, 20 yrs, yawn.

    Grow a new set of cliches

  16. Well, i wrote a comment but so far it hasn't been published. we'll see.

    pretty soon i plan on doing something constructive with my day.

  17. Hi guys.

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I just had to finally post because the cleveland article mad me so mad. From reading it i dont even think that guy has ever heard of the cure. I couldnt resist and left him a few choice comments. Hopefully he sees them before they get deleted.

  18. "Yay!!!!" for the Cleveland review!!!

    It means we'll get less casual Cure fans and talkers at Cure shows!!! he he

    The guy clearly doesn't have a clue about how we fans feel towards The Cure. This doesn't mean he's not entitled to his opinion and it's too bad he gets to make a living writing such scrap, but it's not the first time we see a reviewer missing the point about the band. Whereas he argues that The Cure have been boring for 20 years, he is the one who's trapped in time! Such people will never get it...

    I loved the comments posted by the way! Such emotion for a lame ass reviewer! lmao

  19. :^D@CC:
    "it's not about robert shouting, "What up CLEVELAAAAAAND" and gyrating Elvis-style. or performing some lame-o cock rock gimmicks."


    That Cleveland article was written by a frat boy, I just know it. Yuck. "Stoner Cure?" This guy does not get it. At all. ROFL... I hope it does deter morons and morans from going to Cure shows. :^P

    The second article was totally forgettable... mentioning Depeche Mode was lame. Wth do they have to do with anything? :^P

    Oh well, thanks for the article links anyway, lol.

  20. The Cleveland article was just, well, WEIRD. I did have to chuckle at this, though: "Even though [Bloodflowers] doesn't have a single song that'll make you break a sweat. Unless you're enjoying it naked, with 18 lit candles, a gallon of Syrah, and a special friend."

    A little tacky, but funny. Though "39" kinda makes me sweat. Anyone else? Anyway....

    Will be at the Cleveland show, so yeah, as someone mentioned, hopefully this write up will scare off the stupid people. :-P

  21. john - i went to san jose show too! youre an awesome dad, taking your kid to a cure concert. parents must nurture their kids minds and ears!

    cleveland article = crap. filled with lazy journalism.

  22. That Cleveland article sucks! I don't think that guy even know what's he's talking about!