Friday, June 13, 2008

Cure articles

The Charlotte Observer asks "Cure's coming, but is it too late?"
The clear and obvious answer is NO! : )

The Palm Beach Post also has an article, this one focuses on The Only One.


  1. Obviously, Courtney doesn't hang out at COF or she'd be peeing her pants like the rest of us..

  2. dude the chick that wrote the forst article needs to just suck it up.

    she said something like 'i'll be too exhausted from being in the sun at bonnaroo' that's lame. you really are going to be 'too exhausted' to enjoy a 4 hour indoor show? (3, if you skip 69DOS).

    and if she likes the band as much as she seems to try and convey, it's more than worth it.

    that was a lame 'article'. though it was more of an opinion piece if you ask me. not too much info. just emotions.

  3. *first

    not forst

  4. oh god and 65DOS. not 69. gee.

    well it's obvious i was too into that to check spelling.

  5. I didn't see an email address to respond to her article. I'd tell her about my friend that wasn't too excited about the shows either, but then changed her mind once she attened the concert.

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  7. Would be the ideal gig to practice on "Charlotte Sometimes" - so it will be perfect at the NY shows :)

  8. I wonder how many other fans are feeling the same way? At this point, very few I would think! This tour rocks!!! She needs to get on here to build up her excitement!

    She claims to be a long-time fan but how big of a fan is she?. I wasn't all to happy I had to wait another 8 months to see the band but I did and the wait was worth it! I hope she changes her mind after she sees the show.

  9. Booohoo life is so hard, white whining piece of sh*te (Bill Hicks Copyright)

    She should shut up.

    This is my first comment so i hope it isn't deleted because it had to be said.

    Love the blog by the way much better than the official word.

  10. This girl is stupid. She always writes about some dumb band that no one else likes. When I read it, I thought, "Some fan. Can't wait a few more months?" We've got great new songs and she's a longtime fan...and she's not excited? Fuck HER! I've been a fan since 1984, and have NEVER seen my favorite band. I can't WAIT for Monday, and if Courtney's not there, that's just more room for the rest of us, LOL. This is just one more reason that made me shocked that The Cure would come to Charlotte in the first place. Just happy that they are....

  11. Can't wait for Charlotte - and this dork who isn't so excited anymore is gonna be in for a real treat! She'll be blown away - or she'll be fashionably jaded. ;-)