Friday, May 13, 2011

We're back!

Very sorry about the mess over the last 24 hours, especially the re-posting of the old tickets for sale, but Blogger was/is having major problems, and restored an old backup while fixing it. Hope that's sorted now. Posts and comments since Wednesday morning have vanished, but I will restore what I can, if they can't.


  1. bit of curespotting

    was at kohls, there was a friday i'm in love t-shirt.

  2. Hi again Crag.

    I hope all blogger´s issues are fixed now.

    Can´t wait to keep reading Sydney details on tix/CURE arriving to the city and all the news that hopefully appear soon.


  3. Lindsey its not too bad. Kinda Cute! Hummm... I might go get me one, I can always use a new V-neck t!

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  5. He used the word flux in a previous post too, Craig, and we had a field day with it one night in the old Meebo chat room.

    I can't remember all of them, but we came up with some pretty funny song titles using it:

    The Flux on the Door
    Flux Dog Flux
    The Fluxing Garden

    etcetera ad nauseum XD

  6. I need to mention that is sooo good to me that Robert mixed The CURE with the movies i like the most.

    The CURE Kingdom Strikes Back..

  7. Oh I know all about the Flux usage, Heron. That's what started the Porl thing, if you remember. It's the connection with Star Wars/Jedi that is new. : )

    Now posted in the right place. : )