Thursday, October 2, 2008

Primary Colors of The Cure

Rev. Heron has a new 2 part series called Primary Colors of The Cure, and Part 1 is up now.
Also, if you missed out on the Nightmare Before Cure-mas shirts, there are a few available again.

Update: And Part 2 is up now.


  1. Want to point out something about Rev... Tried to reply once to her 'nice' post but she only allows nice replies that are from a prefect world....

    Had my opinion on the love stories she wrote about (R&M anniversary) so felt like replying, so I did.. But she only allows replies that are in line with her own perfect world.

    So if you want to just read and maybe leave a comment such as "how great she is and you like her post" than feel free to read her silly thoughts on silly subjects.

    No room for a different view though which make her posts - to me- somthing that arent worth reading.

  2. Rev can't spell either!!
    Colour C.O.L.O.U.R. Colour

  3. My blog is like my living room. If you want to have a pleasant conversation among friends, then you are welcome to stay. If you come over just to argue with me about something then I reserve the right to not participate.

  4. Bit of as gray area that...and very disorienting!

  5. I wasn't arguing, had a couple of different songs that I thought were love songs that needed to be added, and shared my interpretation of them. In my opinion this could have been added to the 'livingroom' (interweb www) conversation.

  6. Bit of as grey area that...and very disorientating....hmmmmmm that's better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wornmouse, I wanted to see what it was that you had commented on that particular article, so I did a search of my Gmail. I should have done it last night, certainly, but it was very late and I was heading to bed when I posted.

    It turns out that there were only three comments submitted to my blog for that post, and all of them were published. So here you are calling me out for it on CoF, and I didn't even delete your comment!

  8. I received my t-shirt and it is lovely. Thank you very much.