Friday, October 3, 2008

Cure songs in Nick & Norah and Entourage

"Day-to-Day (a public radio program) today -3 October 08- interviewed the authors of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, a movie of which premiers today. The reporter noted how the authors sprinkled references to certain iconic bands in the book, mentioned our lads specifically and then cut to a snippet of "Pictures of You", some of which is on the movie soundtrack." (Thanks Berndt)

" "Lullaby" is featured in the episode entitled "Fire Sale" of HBO's Entourage. Certainly a nice change of pace with a show that normally uses rap and hip hop!" (Thanks Kate and Bernie)


  1. It´s always good to see when a CURE song is featured on a TV show, movie or advert.


    C´mon RSx unveil some details of the Rome show and 4:13 Dream


  2. Totally off-topic but I found a 04demo of Strum here

  3. Oh...and the same user has a demo of "A boy I never knew" too! Superb!

  4. Bill: Those were leaked 2 weeks ago. You can find mp3s of those 2, plus Please Come Home, all over the web.

  5. Oops. My mistake. I have to realize I haven´t been updated with stuff the last couple of weeks :)

  6. Whoa! I didn't know about these leaks, but then again I've stayed away from Cure news for nearly a month to get myself to do more work; didn't work out as well as I wanted.

    But I don't think I saw you mention them in reading through the pages of news I missed, Craig.

    From when are these demos? 2004? Also, why would Robert allow them to be put up?

  7. strum is brilliant - just heard it today. i am a bit behind.

    and the abink is just gloriously deliciously melancholic. perhaps one of the best cure ballads ever.

  8. and what's with the spam, craig? john ain't no cure fan, he's a blogger bot! :-P

  9. There was also a spam comment recently posted on an entry from back in June. Something about flowers. Amazing.

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  11. Hah!

    I had a really good friend named John, but he's been dead for years now... unless...?

    I love the acerbic sardonicism that is Strum; some of my favorite lyrics. The bitterness is palpable. "A pantomime of feeling, good, good, good!"

    and A Boy I Never Knew... I don't know how Robert can sing that one without breaking down every time, it's difficult enough to listen to.
    Maybe that's why he has yet to sing the song for any predominately English speaking audiences. I remember reading something where he said it's easier for him to sing songs like that to audiences like S. America. He feels safer when he thinks the audience is less likely to understand the words... Only for Prague this year it seems.


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  13. Hey !!!!
    Writing that comment I just came about those new leaked demos

    Why didn't you mention such a big thing in the news ????

    Those are great !!!!
    Please come home would have been so great on the 2004 album with the b-sides

    Hope it's on the darker next one !!!!


  14. there was a scene in nick and nora that was ALLLL about the cure.

    "you and i are like, musical soul mates. except for all this cure"

    "whats wrong with the cure?"

    "oh i dont know...the name. what are they curing? they should be called The Cause!"

    and nick's ringtone is boy's don't cry

    i love michael cera. it was a cute movie.