Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robert interview with RTS after Paléo

Robert Smith interview with RTS


  1. Interesting Robert says he thought the 2002 Festivals were quite poor...when I thought they were actually among the best shows I've seen!!!(is he getting the 98/02 festivals mixed up?!)

    1. In 2002 they played a lot of "dark" songs which doesn't work quite good on festivals. I was in Frauenfeld and everybody in the crowd seemed to be bored. So maybe this is why Robert doesn't have good memories...

  2. Fascinating as always. He gives the best interviews of any artist, I think; far better at expressing himself than Thom Yorke, who's really up there for me.

  3. Actually, I agree with Robert about the 2002 Paleo show being not so good. I was there in 2002 after having attended the Veilles Charrues show a week before, and the show in Brittany was much more powerful than in Switzerland. My review of the Paleo 2002 is still there : (review by Sylvain)
    But Paleo 2012 was a great one. And I sent a review for this one too.

  4. Ah, new new music.
    He makes my head spin in so many ways! :)