Saturday, July 21, 2012

Close Encounters Rock In Roma 2012

"I had the chance to take a pic with Jason after Roma show. The band was attending a lots of fans in a Stage truck inside the venue and Jason went out to find some friends. I just asked him to take a picture with him and he was very kind. We were waiting for The Cure outside the venue until 3 am and finally the band went but they did not stop outside of the ippodromo capenelle." (Thanks Marvin)


  1. Hello my friend...I met you in Milan, I was wearing the Robert Smith CCCP Hockey shirt down the front and we talked and sang along to The Cure...was nice to meet the fans from Mexico!

  2. OOOh, i hope for an opportunity like this! lucky guy!

  3. Cureboy! I have a picture with you and your friedns at the end of the gig in Milan. Add me in Facebook to share some pics... marvin lagunas (The one that is giving a hug to Robert)