Friday, July 20, 2012

3 Questions for Robert Smith

From 24heures (English): Three Questions for Robert Smith of The Cure. (Thanks David)
After 1985 and 2002, the concert tonight was your third Paleo. One could sense a real pleasure to play.
"I fought for two months to get more time on stage. Two hours is not enough. It could not be done, it's frustrating. The desire to play more than ever, I do not feel too good about the group for a long time. There's this intensity, this pleasure, this emergency ... Every time we came here, I am announcing that this is our last concert in Switzerland. One day it will be true. We are closer to the end than the beginning. This reality compels us to give the best. This is the case: I sing better, I feel better."
At 24, you wrote some songs you played tonight like One Hundred Years. His first sentence says: "It does not matter if we all die." How do you feel when you sing thirty years later?
"I like the young Cure, it's still there, buried. But people change, fortunately. At 20, I had not known the "real" death, when people you love start to disappear around you. Today, I read One Hundred Years as if I had to write it, with all that I know of life. The first sentence is more difficult to sing as I get older."
If you were to keep only one of your disks?
"I have a particular fondness for the trilogy Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers. These are solo albums, somehow, very accurate photographs of me three times in my life."