Saturday, July 21, 2012

A bit more from Robert's Paleo interview

Le Matin (English) has a few more excerpts from Robert's Paleo interview. (Thanks David)

How do you choose your set list?
"I do not think I played the same setlist in 16 concerts this summer. It still plays "One Hundred Years" and "Just Like Heaven" and "Lovesong". I know that if I attended as a youth in a concert of The Cure for the first time, that's what I want to hear. If I was young and I would listen to David Bowie, I would like to hear the tubes. If you play the songs in a strange public, they must be really good. But I felt that tonight (Wednesday), there was a real need to be totally different and added pieces that had never played, like "Lovecats" and "Close To Me."

You intend to do a solo album in years. What is it?
"I will. When this is the end of Cure. There will be a new album after this tour. It has some catchy songs horribly (laughs). It makes me sick. It's always my dream to create the perfect Cure album. I realize that I fight against the future. I do not have smartphone, I have no iphone."

How do you compose your songs?
"I sing, simply."

Which of your albums touches perfection, in your opinion?
"If I were smart, I would say the next (laughs)."