Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Southside Festival webcast?

The Dasding website says they will have a live stream from the Southside festival. Not sure if they will broadcast The Cure's set or not, there's no mention of them anywhere, but something to keep an eye on. (Thanks Aaron)

Update (6/22/12): Well, they posted the schedule, and no Cure. :(


  1. They have a livestream online all the time and on sunday a life broadcast in tv too. As Cure plays Saturday they don't mention them in their report. Anyway, I'm sure they'll have Cure in their livestream online on Saturday. I send them email and asked if they can confirm for sure.

  2. Thanks for asking, Swinging Adonais!

    Maybe it also helps to comment via facebook-account on that page (on the right side) that you want to see as much as possible of The Cure.