Thursday, June 21, 2012

Looking for musicians influenced by The Cure

"Basically, I am looking to put together an original 5-piece band, heavily influenced by The Cure. I need a bassist, keyboard player, drummer and an additional guitarist. I'm based in Hertfordshire UK but can feasibly travel pretty much anywhere in the Herts/Beds/Bucks or North/Central London area for rehearsals.

Interested parties with a professional attitude (i.e. good communication skills, personal hygiene, self-sufficient in terms of transport etc.) please email james(dot)scott(at)netcel(dot)com or contact me via Twitter: @jamesajscott
Whilst I have a range of existing songs I'd love to develop or redevelop with like-minded musicians along with brand new material, examples of my previous work with other bands as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist can be found on soundcloud. The following songs are probably the most relevant to the type of vein in which I'd like to continue...

...but there's more available from the root level ( including my licensed cover of The Walk, and I hope to upload some demos of dancier tracks more in line with the vibe of Wrong Number and Freakshow soon, as well as some darker 'Prayers For Rain' inspired tracks.

I have a "day job" but have some good industry contacts and want to take this seriously - record and release an album and live shows to promote.

With best regards,

PS - I should add, it was listening to The Cure that made me want to become a musician in the first place, and it was seeing footage of this years' festival shows that has inspired to pursue the idea if putting a new band together now... Bananafishbones, Want, Wrong Number, Trust, all sounding amazing!"


  1. Thanks. Where it says "new nan" I did of course mean "new band" :0)

    1. Sorry I didn't catch that. Fixed now.

    2. Thanks Craig! Apologies for any inconvenience. Best regards, James

  2. Good luck to you. I'm a bass player but I'm in Los Angeles so rehearsals would be hard for me. Lol. Anyway I do hope you find some great musicians to work with.

  3. Hi James,
    Just listened to your sounds.
    Great guitar effects!
    We, Aarthur Space, cannot help you unfortunately cos we are a bit far from you (north east of France) but we wish you good luck!
    Nevertheless we invite you to listen to our sounds, we have just finished two songs and have three more under construction.

    Like you, we love them too.

    And many thanks to Craig for making this communication possible between Cure Fan's.


  4. Hi all, thanks for all the kind wishes and encouragement; not just here but via email and Twitter. Progress is slow at the moment, but hopefully I'll find some like-minded musicians in the UK soon!