Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Optimus Alive poster

Hugo spotted this poster for The Cure's show at Optimus Alive, in Lisbon today. (Thanks Hugo)

Update: Schedule is out. (Thanks hg)
The Cure - 23:50
Florence & the Machine - 22:00
Mumford & Sons - 20:40
Noah & the Whale - 19:30
We Trust - 18:30

Update (6/20/12): This article (English) says The Cure will get at least 3 hours. The Cure go on just before midnight, the festival closes at 4am, don't tempt Robert! :) (Thanks hg)


  1. hi guys, we have a lot of different Optimus Alive adboards scattered throughout Lisbon, and there are a couple differente ones with fat bob innit ;) i'll try to send pics of the others

  2. The Cure @ Alive Festival, Lisbon
    July 14th 23:50

  3. At Alive Festival there'll be shows 'till 4 in the morning. So, if Robert wants to play a 4-hour set... :)

  4. Strange google translation. Optimus Alive translated as Isle Of Wight?! :)

  5. Schedule changed. The Cure go on at midnight now.