Thursday, June 21, 2012

Old Cure clippings

Tom sent in some of his old magazine clippings from 1987, 1989, 1991, and 1992, along with photos of the Limited Edition Wish Box Set, and I've added them to the photo gallery. More to come, I think. Thank you, Tom.
Also, just got a package in the mail from England (always exciting!) and I will be scanning & posting a LOT of 89-90 era clippings soon. :) Thank you, Simon.


  1. Will send the Record Mirror interview where Robert says he "glories in being a sex symbol". Also I have a box set of the Wish album. It consists of a cassette tape of the album, a CD of the album and a video with an interview with the band. Boris wishes for world peace I seem to remember. I have only watched it once 20 years ago. The box has brass hinges and a printed name. I presume it was a gift to this person. Does anyone out there know anything about these presentation boxes?

    1. According to The Cure On Record book, "The Wish promo box set was specially produced for promotional use only. It was distributed in small numbers in the UK. Some were also sent to France for distribution. Each of these were personalized with the printed name of the person to whom they were distributed."

    2. wow, i wanna read that interview.