Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Robert on De Volkskrant cover

"In today's paper was a huuuuge full page photo of Robert + a brilliant article. (The V in the picture is 'cause the paper is called De Volkskrant)"
Here's the translation of the article:
"Linkin Park was a pretty good headliner on the second day, blablabla, but not the singalong that made Pinkpop glow in the atmospheric evening hours.
The Cure however did do that on the opening night. The band with ever charming child-man Robert Smith has played the bigger audiences for the last years in his new outfit, wíth bass player Simon Gallup, but at Pinkpop the group rose above itself as a festival band.
They have a rich oeuvre: the band started in the 80's as a new wave band, played Pinkpop as so in 1986, but kept renewing itself and can now go into the pop encyclopedia as a creator of timeless pop hits such as A Forest, Close To Me, The Walk, The Lovecats, Pictures Of You.
Magic songs, that combine happiness with big somberness that were performed masterfully in a show lasting over 2 hours at Pinkpop. Moving en inescapable, even when Smith played his acoustic guitar. Robert Smith, vocally and also seeable spiritual in top shape, embraced Pinkpop and brought extraverse. He put on a show like a church service, and you didn't even have to be a believer." (Thanks Elly)


  1. Official attendance @ Pinkpop : 37,000 (141,000 for the 3 days)

  2. "The band started in the 80's as a new wave band"

    Um, someone at this paper needs to do a little research. Aside from that, it's a nice article.

  3. Those guys at the Volkskrant are pretty big Cure fans, so it seems. The last time The Cure played in the Netherlands, back in 2008, they also had one entire page dedicated to a glowing review of the show. And that was before the paper switched to tabloid format.

  4. Headline on the cover:

    Child-man Robert Smith
    53 and in top form brings
    PinkPop in extasy"

    Yay :)

    News of Reeves Gabrels joining this summer is very exciting news.
    Looking forward for the new interpretations.
    I didn't see that coming.

    See you in Werchter guys !!!!

  5. Thanks Robert Smith for inspiring me to be a songwriter! My version of "Boys Don't Cry" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keAviugSHFE&list=UUX-yCwpNfAHA3rWePiKvylg&index=1&feature=plcp