Monday, May 28, 2012

Xfm's Best British Songs of All Time

'Just Like Heaven' comes in at #97 on Xfm's Best British Songs of All Time list. As with the HMV 'Disintegration' placing, this is just so wrong.  England, we seriously need to talk.
(Thanks @JodieSometimes)

Want to tell them what they missed on that list? Tell them here. (Thanks @SleazyMartinez)


  1. They must have been counting up, not down.

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  3. Yeah, this completely England's fault. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish had no chance to swing this vote in The Cures favour due to our fairly small percentage population.

  4. Who cares about this kind of chart ? I only read them when The Cure get number 1. And sometimes it happens...

  5. I saw Unfinished Sympathy at #91 and gave up.

    If that can't make the top five we're wasting our time