Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fan meet up for Barcelona show

"HispaCure has organized an official meeting of Cure Fans in Primavera Sound Festival to celebrate our 8th anniversary and to see The Cure Live concert in Barcelona all together.

All International Cure fans are invited to experience the concert with hispaCure members ; )" (Thanks Ivan)


DATE: Friday June 1, 2012.
HOURS: 18.30 - 21.30 hours.

LOCATION: Parc del Forum. Barcelona (San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival). Restoration Area "San Miguel Stage" (Directly opposite the main stage. View on Map hispaCure Logo and tobacco machines logo)

HispaCure awaits you inside the San Miguel Primavera Sound at 18.30 hours to prepare with other fans The Cure concert in Barcelona. The meeting point will be the main beverage area in front of the San Miguel Stage. A wide area that begins just where you will see the tobacco machines. At the meeting you will be able to have a drink and eat something with other cure fans at the stands that are in this area. From 21.30, if you wish, you can go with other fans at San Miguel Stage and take positions to see with them the great return of The Cure to Spain.

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Map for the meeting: