Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow & Voices cover 'Disintegration'

Disintegration by Snow & Voices

I posted this a few days ago on the Cure Covers page & the CoF Twitter, but I love it too much to not put it on the front page, so here it is - Snow & Voices with their beautiful cover of 'Disintegration'. You can download it for free, but if you like it, why not buy it and help support the band? Only 99 cents at Amazon. Also posted at Slicing Up Eyeballs and 17 Dots.
(Thanks Dresden Black)


  1. i've gotta agree, surprisingly a good cover. different.

  2. brilliant! I like it a lot, surprisingly

  3. I like very much. Never thought to play Disintegration slow like that but damn it works!

  4. *Wipes tear away*

    Yeah it's not bad..

  5. *Wipes tear away*

    Yeah it's okay..